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  1. CasaNovo

    Autumn 2008 results: marks/grades

    Yeh fair enough, im not sure if its accurate but i heard a few students got the emails. i checked mine, nothing..so now i have what i fear is a false sense of safe security haha. btw ana ivanovic is moi ljubav
  2. CasaNovo

    Autumn 2008 results: marks/grades

    well apparentely some students got emails in their student webmail, notifying them that they cannot undertake the subject(s) they have enrolled if its a pre-requisite. So kind of an early failing notifyer?
  3. CasaNovo

    Getting to Kingswood Campus?

    wow 20min bus trip? takes roughly that long to walk from the station to the campus. if you looking at the road straight on, you gota walk a north-west direction through the park, can't miss it just follow every1 else
  4. CasaNovo

    Clubs and Social Life in UWS?

    damn girl you know your uws
  5. CasaNovo

    UWS Campbeltown Gym

    just lift man, who cares bout everyone else, pretend your the only guy in the gym and everyone else are gorgeous women . i was like that when i first started but now pffft reach for the sky baby. now shutup and squat!
  6. CasaNovo

    UWS Campbeltown Gym

    ^ i have no idea, i want to check it out.. we should have a bos gym inspection unit lol. Do you really feel like that? are you a guy or girl? Maybe theyre just shocked at the insanely heavy weights you lift, putting all the blokes to shame lol. Try get some friends and train together more fun...
  7. CasaNovo

    UWS Campbeltown Gym

    i have no idea about the campbelltown campus, man im gona get so lost. so the gym ay.. not good enough for ya was it:D
  8. CasaNovo

    UWS Campbeltown Gym

    wow does it get that busy? at penrith i've never seen it very busy, when we used to borrow the racquets to play tennis there wasn't many people in there.
  9. CasaNovo

    UWS Campbeltown Gym

    ^^ indeed it is :D so boring.. when im on holidays i want uni to start, when im at uni i can't wait for holidays maybe it just meeee
  10. CasaNovo

    UWS Campbeltown Gym

    hahah of course there isn't, except that people wee in there.. especially the jacuzzi part where all the old people are looool, and all the little babies who anr't toilet trained.... naa thats just my excuse to go to the beach, and yeh people prolly piss in there aswell but theres more water! so...
  11. CasaNovo

    UWS Campbeltown Gym

    man thats like 2x what i pay, but i get swiming pools aswell... not that i like the idea of smimming in weewee :P
  12. CasaNovo


    same no units yet, i thought i was the only one. and what is with the pilot thingy? revamped webct maybeee
  13. CasaNovo

    UWS Campbeltown Gym

    yes indeedy it will be your honour loll :P
  14. CasaNovo

    Ah So many buses but which one?

    lara is wise... she speaks the truth. lameness aside, the buses loop so just hop on it near the uni
  15. CasaNovo

    UWS Campbeltown Gym

    what you mean good mood ;) can you tell just by reading.. your talented :D depends on what your goals are for going to the gym; weight loss, improve fitness, tone and shape, muscle gain (i hope not in your case hehe) to see if it has what you need. i am also doing med science first year at...
  16. CasaNovo

    UWS Campbeltown Gym

    never been to the one at campbelltown but i'll check it out. the gym at penrith campus was ok one big room, cardio on one side and weights on the other, got the basics you need to do everything, if i already didnt have a gym membership at my local gym i prolly would join. but im into playing...
  17. CasaNovo

    who is going to uws campbelltown?

    yaa mee too med science aswell
  18. CasaNovo

    Resigning from course

    when i resigned i went to my campus filled out the form and took it to the student centre and viola.
  19. CasaNovo

    Chances of an internal transfer?

    trust me if i can do it, you can. i done very bad mate, and got a transfer from b.eng to b. med science. try and hope for the best.
  20. CasaNovo

    Maths for Engineers

    maths for engineers 1 is obviously the first maths you'll do, if you pass it you go onto maths 2. maths 1 is your basic funtions, matricies, integration, differentiation, vectors etc. Whereas maths 2 is an extension and learn advanced concepts such as triple integration etc.