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  1. Felix Jones

    Attention: Year 11's and 12's

    dont buy excel..they are the shittest books out there. books like maquarie would be much more helpful, also in the hollies try to first borrow books from ur local library and see which ones suits you before purchasing them, if you choose to do so.
  2. Felix Jones

    Emptiness with End of HSC

    empty??? helll NO! finally getting chance to hang out wif my outside school mates, play sports and do what i want without the stress of school. i reckon this holiday will be SWEEEEEEEEEET as!
  3. Felix Jones

    some1 smart?

    quite sam!!! hey how you been bro, i'll see you tomorrow. lol. good luck. :D
  4. Felix Jones

    UAI Guess Competition

    lol...i'm following that path :D
  5. Felix Jones

    UAI Guess Competition

    user: MФëỹ™ UAI GUESS: 85 actual UAI: pending date: 5/11/08
  6. Felix Jones

    Predict the 6/7 Marker!!

    why not just be ready for evrything??? thats my plan.
  7. Felix Jones

    CONFIRMED mc answers!

    oomg 92 posts and still going on about multiple choice....wtf! what bout rest of exam?? hmm see for the two wires who got the top one as the pure metalt and bottom as alloy??
  8. Felix Jones

    It is 2am

    hush little baby don't you cry..... zzzzzzzzzzz....sorry i fell sleep.lolz hmm i just woke up...well i woke up at 1 am. omg!! i know. anyways going over past papers with minimal motivation....been bludging for the past 2 hours....'sigh' im gonna fail.
  9. Felix Jones

    favour please?

    hi, ooh germany, nice. hmm can't you go to their website and check it out??
  10. Felix Jones

    Easy Question 10 or Easiest?

    i know!! 'cry'. i dont know what was wrong wif me then...'sigh'.
  11. Felix Jones

    The Easiest 2 Unit Math Paper Ever!! - 2008

    probably??..omg it was way easier than previous years...anyone who fails this should have done general...end of story!
  12. Felix Jones

    Easy Question 10 or Easiest?

    omg...i got all the questions except that stupid mother f$%# easy one where ur supposed to find volume...i totaly forgot bout u-sunstitution....istnt that 3-unit method?? anyways hope i do well...gotta study for 3-unit on wednesday...i'm scared. i found 10 easy btw...got all of them.
  13. Felix Jones

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    customer care is really really important. so soz but gonna state some obvious: 1. don't be late or too early ( 5 mins before is cool) even if it means ur hanging out the shop for 15 mins. lol 2. first impressions are most important, so go out there and knock em dead. 3.don't mention, its ur...
  14. Felix Jones

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    age: 17 job: independent tutor (haven't started yet, been approached, after hsc i start) wage:depending on no of students, at this stage got prob at any one time 5 pple soo >$50/ hour. woot woot go me.
  15. Felix Jones

    Anyone Over It?

    lol..nah not really over it but im so feaking calm...on last day before it begins if u ask me to go to the poark to play sports i will go. why pressure urself so much??? it only makes things worse.
  16. Felix Jones

    Linking Marketing with Employment Relations?

    i dont think u would get such a question, if u did u would not be required to link as they are two complely separate(in hsc astudies anyway) entities.
  17. Felix Jones

    anyone else bluding???

    no, seriosly dont give up, thats the worst possible thing u can do now, to fail without tryiong and for the rest of ur life ponder at the missed opportunities.
  18. Felix Jones

    anyone else bluding???

    omg me tooo!~!!!
  19. Felix Jones

    anyone else bluding???

    i love these procastinators that never learn.. :D u guys make me look good. ty.
  20. Felix Jones

    How do YOU feel..

    whats ur school ranked dance2urbeat? cos from ur ranks...soz but they look aweful....except history...wd.