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    Read Sams textbook (relevent sections your having difficulties with...or all), do some past papers and a few algorithms in your spare time. You should be alright then... :) Almost every SDD student is in a similar situation as you...
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    Thank Yous all!

    Cya winston. It was nice knowing u. *remembers the SDD forum a few days before the HSC exam*...lol probably the most memorable BOS time for me. :D
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    Windows source code leaked.

    I could have sworn winston posted this today! Anyway, a BIG "HaHa" from me. :D
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    Firefox 0.8

    Type "about:config" in the address bar with out the quotes. IE style scroll: set "general.autoscroll" to true. set "general.smoothscroll" to true. Middlemouse.ScrollBarPosition to true. Speeding up the browser: set "network.http.pipelining" to true set...
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    How many computer engineering @ UNSW here?

    hi, im just wondering who else will be doing computer engineering @ UNSW here on BOS? :D
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    what was your 1st pref?

    1. b engineering / b science @ UNSW
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    Console wars!!

    Actually it's a celeron, not a p3. And its graphics processor is equivalent to Geforce4 mx i believe. What i like about XBOX is on the fly dolby digital encoding (similar to nforce1 & 2 boards). It really sounds nice playing games with a 5.1 speaker setup!! :)
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    Where should i start if i wanna learn programming??

    Yeh im just saying to start with VB to learn basics only. Doesn't matter if its getting abandoned as long as he learns the basics to get him started on Pascal (although it's not neccessary for Pascal). But really i reckon starting of VB then moving on to other languages like Java, C etc... will...
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    Where should i start if i wanna learn programming??

    If your really interested, i'd start with Pascal. IMO, you will learn more with Pascal then QB/VB. If you like, you can start with QB/VB and learn the simple basics then move to Pascal. Then when you're feeling confident with Pascal, you can move to Java/C or perhaps any language you like...
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    Surnames in the paper

    cool thanks. :)
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    Surnames in the paper

    You guys make me sick! :D Were do you get the list from anyway?
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    UAI post-prediction (just curious)

    UAC dont use aligned marks to calcuelte ure UAI but the raw exam mark (plus moderated assesment mark). So thats probably why its not accurate? For me, i used it to predict my UAI by estimating my percentile using the info from the 2003 band descriptors. My estimated UAI was approximately the...
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    UAI post-prediction (just curious)

    My first ever UAI prediction ~87? :p
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    Class of 2003 HSC Exam Marks for SDD

    grrr Winston beat me by 1! Got 86. :mad: :D
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    Class of 2003 IT HSC Results

    86 > happy with that. :)
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    Console wars!!

    Therefore they are aimed more at the younger generation. Im not saying the games are bad though (I love them). :) I agree with freaking_out, most PS2 and XBOX games are the type that i would rather play on my PC.
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    Console wars!!

    Im getting another xbox just for the mods (linux, media player). The other xbox will be for live games. :D I never really liked any of the Nintendo consoles mainly because of it's games. They are usually more aimed at young kids. For example, I remember back in the snes and mega drive days...
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    Microsoft Technical Interview Questions

    lol nah some electronics company that assembles parts from oversease manufuctures (toshiba, alcatel etc...). This monday is the interview wish me luck. :D
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    Sega Master System II

    heheh same! I could never finish it back then (7-8 yrs old). Only recently (about 10 months ago) did i finish it. Though i kind of cheated, using the emulator, every few enemies i killed, "F5". :p That was my proudest moment. :D
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    Microsoft Technical Interview Questions

    That person doesn't deserve to live! :p