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  1. SKA


    lol how did you know yeh i figured it out... thanks guys
  2. SKA


    does anyone know where i go if i have a complaint?
  3. SKA

    this girl...

    just talk to her whats so scary about talking to a girl... now if she looks at you like a weirdo then shes not nice and you forget her.
  4. SKA

    this girl...

    i think what NTB is trying to tell you lazyboy is.. you can trust someone but it doesnt hurt to be cautious you know. Thats like saying.. i dont care if my gf flirts with another guy as long as she doesnt hook up with him. AKA 'harmless flirting'
  5. SKA

    uni student dating a highschool student

    well as long as the two people are genuwinly interested in eachother and the chick isnt immature then anything can work as long as they are smart enough to balance time
  6. SKA

    ohh uhhh

    ok i think we are all confused
  7. SKA

    ohh uhhh

    what he said.....
  8. SKA

    ohh uhhh

    oh btw... if i hear another guy say nice guys finish last im going to rip my hair out... the only reason sleezes get chicks is because they are confident and couldnt care less if the girl rejects them or not cos they dont give a shit about the girl.. in other words they are in it for 1 reason...
  9. SKA

    ohh uhhh

    if you want him.. have him with no strings attatched and dont fall for him because that way you win... 1 you get him and 2 you dont get hurt... but theres a trap... fall for him and you'll be hurt
  10. SKA

    uni student dating a highschool student

    been there done that and it does work. my bf was in uni while i was in yr 12 and it wasnt much of a difference from when he was in highschool himself the only difference was me needing to give him time to study although when he was doing the hsc i had to give him even more time to study
  11. SKA

    mates before dates, bros before hoes etc.......

    when it comes to a date or a new relationship i think friends are more important but when your in a serious relationship i think its important that your bf/gf comes first. I know my bf comes first and i would cancel on my buddys in a heartbeat if he needed me . I still think its good to spend...
  12. SKA

    Porn & Relationships

    hahah i think its funny, i laugh at him and i try and make him feel embarrassed about it but he never doesget embarrassed... hes got everything and i dont give a shit as long as i dont hear him say 'oh this porn is better than you' in a seirous tone
  13. SKA

    Your partner + a celebrity = ?

    Hell no!!!! celebritys are people too, it still counts
  14. SKA

    help wanted

    be strong let him go, if he comes back it was ment to be. You dont want to be his re-bound or u dont want to be with him and then he might cheat on u?
  15. SKA

    friends' sex life

    who really cares... we all do stuff.. even if we dont admit it
  16. SKA

    Our Next Queen

    oh how gorgeous
  17. SKA

    Your Partner's Parents

    ok well my bf's parents hate me. It sucks.
  18. SKA

    A Love Story...With A TwIsT

    thats what i thought
  19. SKA

    Dodgy BFs and Dodgy GFs

    ok .. not a dodgy bf or ne thing.. just dodgy guys i met so i went on a p&o cruise recently and you make lots of new friends... alot of the guys would offer to buy you a drink here and there. So one night i was sittin in the club with the biggest arseholes ive ever met in my life but they...
  20. SKA

    Dodgy BFs and Dodgy GFs

    she was probly bullshitting.. dont u think his gf of six years would be pissed off about him cheating on her with you?