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  1. wilsondw

    Does EAS and HSC Plus bonus points stack?

    I'm assuming you want reassurance so definitely yes at UNSW. I know people who got over 10 bonus points due to the stacking up of bonus points from several factors
  2. wilsondw

    Dilemma!! Which course to choose

    If I was in your position, I would take the E12 Commerce single degree and then transfer to Commerce (Liberal Studies).
  3. wilsondw

    WAM boosters

    Once you finish the assessments and submitted online, your designated tutor would mark them. The experiment themselves take at max 1 hour and usually takes around 30-40 mins imo. But there are questions you have to answer (usually 5 questions) and I found some of them to difficult probs coz I...
  4. wilsondw

    WAM boosters

    I reckon it's not a bludge course simply because you have a lot of small assessments throughout the 13 weeks and I found it that it inconveniently stacked up my workload with other courses which had assessments due on those same particular days/weeks. So what I mean is that around every 1-3...
  5. wilsondw

    WAM boosters

    For PHYS1110, this is certainly no bludge course lol. Your impression is pretty much correct, every 2-3 weeks you have to do a home experiment which make up a total of 30% of your course assessment (theres 6 home experiments). The 4 online quizzes would consist of 20 questions (last one...
  6. wilsondw

    Post your results and wam thread

    Miring that histo mark
  7. wilsondw


    ^Yep, you can actually still get the discount from what I know. Some of my mates paid upfront this year and told me they got the discount.
  8. wilsondw


    Well I don't do physics so I wouldn't really know so I can't really help you with that sorry. To get to the Biomedical Theatre it depends on which entrance you take, but if go into the main entrance which is close to the Matthews building and turn to your left, you would notice a hallway and in...
  9. wilsondw

    chem1011 with no high school chemistry background?

    Definitely, a few of my friends who didn't do Chemistry in high school managed to get a distinctions in CHEM1031 (Higher Chem) and CHEM1011. As long as you keep up with the tutorial sets, do all of your weekly computer quizzes and understand the content taught, you should be able to do well.
  10. wilsondw

    Confused about this rule for Adv Science degree

    I would say they are not very strict with this rule. You can do a level II course in your 1st yr 2nd semester as long as all your other units are level I and you completed 24 units of level I courses in your 1st semester. Few of my friends and I managed to complete a level II course (BABS2202)...
  11. wilsondw

    Post Your 2014 Sem1 Timetable

    Oh wow we're in the same BIOC lab!
  12. wilsondw

    Post Your 2014 Sem1 Timetable

    I guess I'll see you in MICR2011 lab. +PHYS1160 or PHYS1110
  13. wilsondw

    UNSW 2014 Rollcall

    Re: UNSW 2014ers Rollcall 2nd year Advance Science
  14. wilsondw

    Developing and patenting drugs

    Pharmacology is the study of drugs and its effects on the human body as well as diseases while physiology is the study of how the various tissues and organs of the body work to support life and grow. From this you can see that there would be a lot of strong links between these two majors and...
  15. wilsondw

    WAM boosters

    I did mention Introduction to Astronomy haha. I used the course code instead of the name of the course. PHYS1160= Introduction to Astronomy
  16. wilsondw

    WAM boosters

    Well PHYS1160 is really popular but others which aren't as popular but still good WAM boosters from what I've heard include MATH1011 and PHYS1110.
  17. wilsondw

    HELP! Decide Between Three Courses

    If you want to pursue a career in medical research, it doesn't matter if you do Med Sci or Adv Sci because ultimately you would have to complete your PhD so your undergrad degree shouldn't be that significant. If you like your degree to be more structured then do Med Sci, if you like flexibility...
  18. wilsondw

    Developing and patenting drugs

    Pharmacology allows you to make drugs and you can do this through B Sci or Med Sci. A good combo imo with Pharmacology include Neuroscience or Physiology if you plan on doing a single degree with a double major
  19. wilsondw

    Medical Science

    That's hard to say, I reckon you would get subjective responses to this. Just pick the uni that you'd wanna go to the most since I think there isn't much difference between the two.
  20. wilsondw

    Advanced science or medical science?

    UNSW Medical Science allows you to explore the different aspects of well...medical science lol and molecular bioscience. By doing this degree you would get to explore and learn more about Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology and Pathology (medical science part) and microbiology, biochemistry and...