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  1. booshbanditxx

    Early Entry and Accommodation at UC?

    Really? I'm pretty sure anyone can have a go at the Principle's Recommendation Scheme. Unless they've drastically changed it. I only needed a 65 for my course, and I knew I was going to get better than that, but I still went for it anyway. Took a little bit of the pressure off knowing that I was...
  2. booshbanditxx

    Early Entry and Accommodation at UC?

    I'm in my first year at UC and love it! A lot of people I speak to at uni are doing sports science. :) I got in with early entry and deferred. It's known as the Principal's Recommendation Scheme. All that is required is that you fill out a super simple form (pretty much just name, school, and...
  3. booshbanditxx

    Early Entry - University of Canberra - 2014

    I got in to UC through early entry and deferred, currently in my first year now and absolutely love it! And just as everyone else has said, it was that easy, but the course you want early entry to needs to be your first preference.
  4. booshbanditxx

    Going to UC in 2013

    I'm moving on Sunday. Studying International Studies/Communication in Advertising. :)
  5. booshbanditxx

    Having a gap year - Do I apply now and defer?

    No, you have to earn the $21 000 over 18 months.
  6. booshbanditxx

    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    84.5 very happy with this! but it doesn't really matter because I've already got early entry, but I'm still very pleased.
  7. booshbanditxx

    Share your 2011 HSC results here

    Biology 88 Business Studies 83 English (Advanced) 81 General Mathematics 86 Modern History 78 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education 84
  8. booshbanditxx

    General Thoughts: Biology

    I said X was a thermometer and Y was a data logger. :cool: haha
  9. booshbanditxx

    General Thoughts: Biology

  10. booshbanditxx

    General Thoughts: Biology

    I actually found it fairly easy. Didn't like the multiple choice too much, but I reckon the paper was fairly straightforward. I felt the paper was tailored nicely to my strengths. fingers crossed!
  11. booshbanditxx

    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    He doesn't get paid double time only if the call out is 4 hours, rather, he gets paid a minimum a 4 hours overtime regardless of the call out duration. I don't really remember how I did the question, or what answer I got, I think D.
  12. booshbanditxx

    Paper 2: All modules-difficulty

    hated mod b with Hamlet, but loved Frankenrunner and 50th Gate, they were a gift, really. Actually quite lasy of BOS imo.
  13. booshbanditxx

    How much did you write?

    a -6 b -5 c -5, with two lines on 6th page.
  14. booshbanditxx

    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    Re: How Great Was That? It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great.
  15. booshbanditxx

    Section 3 - Extended Response

    I had Emily Dickinson. It worked well for 2 of the three I had prepared for: "I had been hungry all the years" and "I died for beauty but was scarce" but I stretched it a bit with "A word dropped careless." But I nearly died of happiness for my related text, Lord Of the Flies, it fitted perfectly.
  16. booshbanditxx

    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    Re: Not hard? yeah, I did. My teacher always recommended it, and i just find it an easier way to structure my thoughts.
  17. booshbanditxx

    Section II - Short Answer

    yeah, they asked for gross! gross profit/sales revenue x 100
  18. booshbanditxx

    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    Re: Not hard? Hope so, I wrote offer discounts and reduce the time for payment and check the credit worthiness of potential customers.
  19. booshbanditxx

    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    Re: Not hard? SHIT!! Completely forgot about factoring! >.<