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    UPDATE: With many year 11 students sitting finals and just on the eve of beginning HSC, I have new spots available if you are looking for band 6 :)
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    Still a few spots available!!
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    LCMDTS that demonstrate positive use of police powers?

    LEPRA 2002 R v Abrahams R v Xie "New police powers allow on-the-spot AVOs in NSW domestic violence cases" ABC 2013 Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 Police v JC just a few off the top of my head, email me at shivanshwangnoo@gmail.com if you want more or if you're interested...
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    the investigation progress, someone please help me

    idk if you still need help with this essay but the only major issues i came across were the structure and the lack of judgement. You focus too much on the cases and not enough and instead cases should be used to just back up your argument meaning that you need to include judgements regularly...
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    10U or 12U

    I dont think its worth continuing a subject if youre not fully committed and if you are certain that a subject will be your worst subject, there is no point sacrificing time and consequently your marks. Definitely something you should check with your teachers about though as they would help best...
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    Macquarie University launches a graduate entry MD (Doctor of Medicine)

    I woulddo radiology straight, i just dont know whether my atar would be high enough (95 requirement last year) and so itd probably be easier and take the same amount of time to do masters after clinsci instead of bachelors in radiography. Correct me if im wrong
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    Macquarie University launches a graduate entry MD (Doctor of Medicine)

    Would there be much use in getting a clinical science degree at Macq on the chance that I didnt get into med. What im trying to ask is will there be any employment opportunities as a backup to med and/or would it be possible to complete the ClinSci and study further in a degree such as Masters...
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    Science graduates struggle to find jobs

    Would a bachelor of clinical science at macquarie be any different employment wise then a regular Bsci in regards to the type of jobs available and how much demand would they be in
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    Does Legal Studies HSC exams test Prelim content? If so and which?

    I agree, there is ZERO explicit mention of the prelim syllabus in the HSC but some concepts are shared between prelim and hsc. However it is not necessary to no the prelim work and you can definitly do well even if you ignore it completely, but obviously you would still have to learn the work...
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    Laws in Society

    This is an extremely broad question as it is a theme&challenge of the syllabus. In terms of crime i think its best to think about what morals and ethics we hold towards certain crimes/criminals and how well our laws reflect these. For example, society holds values that young offenders should...
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    Requirements for a state rank

    For a subject such as legal, what do you guys reckon would be the raw mark needed for a state rank
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    Looking for a business studies tutor

    Hi! If you're still looking for a business tutor or even legal tutor i live in the hills area and would be more than willing to teach you :drink:
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    Re: Internal mark of 99 rank 1 legal studies notes and tutoring bump