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  1. Karlee

    any private college students??

    Diploma in Business :) I started there this week, I'm really enjoying it
  2. Karlee

    any private college students??

    Yep, it's in Glebe :) I haven't heard of Avondale, where is that?
  3. Karlee

    any private college students??

    yea, I'm going to Bedford :)
  4. Karlee

    Scary Movie 3

    How cool is Queen Latifah? I watched 'Bringing Down The House' the other day, it's such a cack!!! She's amazing in it!
  5. Karlee

    WIll i get in the high 80s?

    Get over yourself
  6. Karlee

    MY Marks, please tell me what u think ill get

    Why don't you just wait until tomorrow and stop wasting people's time?
  7. Karlee

    Advanced English 2003 HSC Marks

    I got 71! I thought I was going to fail, because on my assessment ranking thing, it said I got 49, but on my proper HSC results thing, it said I got 72! Does that mean that BOS scaled up my class's marks because our assessments were hard?
  8. Karlee

    HSC Results are out.

    I did so much better than I thought I'd do! I thought I'd fail Advanced English, but I got 71!
  9. Karlee

    Fast food jobs

    I worked at Burger King (it changed to Hungry Jacks about 2 and a half years into my 3 years there) and it was bloody awful. I started when I was 15, and the pay was like $5 an hour and my managers were assholes and always tried to crack onto the young girls that worked there. My boyfriend...
  10. Karlee

    The Bachelor

    I saw tonight's episode. I don't usually watch the show, or any of the previous ones, but wasn't Anne-Marie or something, horrid? The one that said 'I'm not talking to you Jenny!'. How she kept saying she was there for Bob and didn't want to make friends with the other girls? What a cow...
  11. Karlee

    Good Female Vocalists.

    I don't want to bag Delta, she's a lovely girl with a great attitude and she's drop dead gorgeous, but her voice isn't as good as everyone thinks it is. She does have a nice voice, and she's definitely not a bad singer, but in comparison to some of the other women you've named on this thread...
  12. Karlee

    Guy's new video clip

    Yea! Looks like she's wearing a bird suit!
  13. Karlee


    It looks lame cos of Leonardo di Crapio, but Catch Me If You Can is a really interesting movie. Try and get the DVD with the special features, there's a documentry on the guy the film is based on.
  14. Karlee

    popstars 4-some people just never learn

    Popstars Live? Can they make it anymore obvious that they're ripping off Aus Idol???? What's the difference between the two?
  15. Karlee

    Guy's new video clip

    I can't believe I'm sticking up for Guy and Aus Idol... but you need to take into consideration the fact that they had to make TWO video clips... one for Guy, one for Shannon. That's probably why it looks budget.. basically cos it is, they had to do it on half the budget of a normal clip.
  16. Karlee

    Prefect / Vice / Captain

    We don't even have prefects at our school, just captains and vices. It's all a big popularity contest in our school anyway. The one who puts out the most wins.
  17. Karlee

    Who are the current teen queens?

    If she likes to sing and doesn't care what she's singing about, maybe she should stick to singing in the shower :)
  18. Karlee

    Common Rooms

    Ms12, you're from the Shire, aren't you? Exactly which school are you from? I'm from Jannali.
  19. Karlee

    Section II (Short Answer)

    About consumables, I said that they if they were in a centralised area, they can always be found when needed, saving time. The inventory, so stock can be viewed at a glance, without actually counting the stock, and new stock can be ordered in as needed.
  20. Karlee

    how much did people write for the last section??

    Eep... I only wrote a page and a half on both...