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    medical radiation science

    Yeah to get to newie go on the pacific highway. Stay on that past ourimbah etc. There will be exits, now you can do it a number of ways either continue along the highway and you can turn off at places such as cardiff and belmont. You will have to learn more about the exits or you can through the...
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    medical radiation science

    Oh ok thanks!
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    They LOST our exam...

    Pie yeah funny that i was in the same position. I gather we go to the same school...... Katie!!!!!!! Yeah it sucked and we were stressing out cause we wanted to do the bloody exam. Well do you expect anythin else from our school or music. Hehehehe. l
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    Ratio Boy To Girl In Chem

    well in our class we had 5 boys and 6 girls and a girl came first in our school.
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    medical radiation science

    Hey , i was wondering if anybody had any hints for the interview questions for the medical radiation science interviews. Any help would be good thanks. ta sam xoxxo
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    thank you for your help. Makes sense now. And the picture was fine! Thanks
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    OK i can't get the answer to this question: an ester can be formed by reacting butanoic acid with propanol. What is the condesned structural formual and name of the ester. I understand how do get the name but can't get the structural formula. Otay thanks.
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    Medical physics question

    I think that question is talking about how it is best to be used between that period as it is down 75% etc. This then is not as threatning to other patients and people yet can stillbe detected. That is what i think!
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    Bondi Production - Fool

    yeah he looked like a clown with that time of make up on
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    Frontline Related Text ..

    umm a good movie probably abit late but was on telly the other day was the Quiz Show. It showed the media buying people to get ratings.
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    i am doing a song for changing self. Instead of writing song by blah blah. I have written the lyrics and found out who the lyrics are by. Then you don't have to talk about the song just lyrics. like a poem.
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    determine target/intended audience questions

    Be careful but not to be to informal. I got told even though you are doing say a speech to Yr12 students you must still have a formal element, don't be to relaxed in other words because it is still an essay , just in different form.
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    Changing Self - Stimulus Booklet

    I don't know if this helps but i am doing Changing Self and i did Humans in their Environment from the stimulus booklet. I have been getting ok marks for my essays but my teacher says it is fine to use that text. So if it isn't to late try that istead of Sky high and The door.
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    I was wondering if anyoen could please explain ot me how to do this question. And give me pointers on how to do these in the future, ta. Question: The region enclosed between the curve y=x^3, the x axis and the lines x=1 x=2 is rotated about the x-axis. Calculate the volume of the solid so...
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    what instrument do you play?

    i play the clarinet ..... i played three pieces for my hsc. so yeah people do play the clarinet
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    Going thorugh the Syllabus: SPACE

    With the Westinghouse and Edison point, it took me ages to find stuff but i think like in short points Edison was interested in DC and Westinghouse AC. You then get to see when you get information how both try to get power to larger cities etc and problems they in-counted. Westinghouse actually...
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    Revise HSC Maths in a month.

    i think it is what you make out of it. Like it has useful questions and practice in it. It doesn't have everything but it is just another resource to practice questions
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    Assessment Ranks

    rank so if you bombed out does that mean it effects your hsc mark. or whatever.
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    FrontLine and Supplementary Material

    frontline how many should we have ? I have two is that enough! I have a cartoon and an article from a newspaper.
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    I was wondering, if say you do poetry for the area of study text thing i.e Gwen Harwood. Does it matter that one of your stimulus pieces is poetry?