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    Cover Albums

    I also like the soundtrack to 'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou' - a whole lot of Bowie covers, accoustic and in Portugese!
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    Cover Albums

    I dunno, for some reason I feel that Franz would like it, they seem like they would appreicate the silly-coolness of it.
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    How come no-one told me about Jens Lekman!?!?

    Where did you get them all? A friend burnt the album that I have for me. I haven't seen him in record shops before, but I suppose i haven't been looking. Would I be able to find him at JB Hifi do you think?
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    Cover Albums

    Hey, I followed you here from the Ben Folds thread, so you better watch all the Ben-bashing! ;) I think (and I said this on the Ben Folds thread too) that the best covers are often the really fun unexpected ones - the ones where it sounds like the musician is not just being post-modern or...
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    How come no-one told me about Jens Lekman!?!?

    I'll have to do that! I was just complaining the other day that I have not discovered anyone new or exciting in a while, and then the universe offers me 'Oh You're So Silent Jens.' Cheers, universe!
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    How come no-one told me about Jens Lekman!?!?

    I only recently accidently discovered this guy - how come no one had ever told me about him before! He is so gorgeous!
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    Review the last book you read

    Nights at the Circus - Angela Carter Given some of the characters (a circus performer who was born with wings growing out of her back, a psychic pig), at first glance, this book might seem to be a strange, but ultimatly light fantasy. However, it is actually rich in musings on history...
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    The Bob Dylan appreciation thread

    Tomstone Blues is all about this guy loosing track of everythign he understands and believes in, or thats how I see it, so the whole 'the suns not yellow, its chicken!' links to that, its not complete nonsence, but it kind of still is... Love it. Oh, and also, from the same song - 'and he...
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    The Bob Dylan appreciation thread

    'the sun's not yellow, its chicken!' - from 'Tombstone Blues' I just love that song, the lyrics are so bizarre, yet also so perfect and poetic... I also love 'Queen Jane,' it reminds me so perfectly of a guy I used to know
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    Books school has ruined

    I don't really get why people hate analysing films, saying they 'just want to watch them.' Analysing a film is just watching it intellignetly, and what is wrong with that? No one says they wish they could just walk around rather than having to walk around intelligently. Someone used the...
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    What are you currently Reading?

    Just finished 'We have to talk about Kevin' by Lionel Shriver. It's written from the persepective of the mother of a guy who killed 10 of his classmates and his teacher at school. It was inspired by the Colombine massacre and those other school killings. Really interesting, though a bit on the...
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    Douglas Adams

    I absolutley love Douglas Adams. I made the mistake of reading HHGG for the first time while siting in a coffee shop - I started laughing out loud and spilled my coffee on my white shirt at the same time about 3 pages in. I soon realised that these books are best enjoyed somewhere you do not...
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    I actually liked it a lot, though it did take me a while to get into the war bits, and I didn't enjoy them as much as the multiple narratives bit in the first half. And it probably could have been a bit shorter. But as someone else said, the multiple narratives bot wokred well, its didn't feel...
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    Irvine Welsh

    I love trainspotting! I had to read it last year for a course i did 'Modern Novel into Film' and i was just blown away by it. I was amazed that it was even more confronting than the film - I didn't think that was possible! I loved the different voices in the novel, the way that the Scots and...
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    Friends with an Ex

    See, for me that is exactly what it's not about! It's not about him choosing between me and the other girl - it's about not being asked to make that choice becasue there is no need. The fact that the gf is so self-absorbed that she would ask (or order) him to do something that she knows will be...
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    Friends with an Ex

    I have offered (via my mate) to talk to her/email her/meet up with her and try and explain things from my point of view, as I sort of hoped that if she got to know me as a person (rather than as this threataning abstract ex who caused problems for her) then she might be able to deal with things...
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    Joseph Heller

    It was one of those books that took me a couple of tries to get past the first chapter, but once i did, hell, was it ever worth it! Amazingly funny, amazingly sad, amazingly creative, just plain amazing. I still vividly remember being hit by the realisation about half way through - 'they...
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    Friends with an Ex

    It's so frustrating - if any other friends girlfriend were treating them like this I would be screaming 'just dump the crazy bitch!' but because he's my ex, I don't want to sound like I am not over him and just hate her becuase I am jealous. It's funny, I am the only one of all his friends who...
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    Sylvia Plath

    I hate it when people reduce authors like plath and woolf to 'feminist writers' as if that is their only outstanding feature. I'm not denying that their are feminist issues looked at in these author's works, nor that they often deal with feminine issues such as motherhood. But it just irks me...
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    Friends with an Ex

    Just wanting a little feed back... I broke up with a guy well over a year a go, but we have remained very close and I would consider him one of my best friends. We have both moved on from the relationship and their are no residual romantic feelings, but still a very strong connection - we...