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    Hopeless at creative writing

    This is the story I used for section II paper I I only called the person ‘Y’ because I haven’t made a name yet for him His body trembled, as he trampled through the marshes. Lifeless figures gazed up from their hollowed faces. His body trembled as he trudged towards base, lanky...
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    Does Cross-vesting still occur?

    Does Cross-vesting still occur for Family issues, I read somewhere in my legal book that it doesn't in family court issues, eg they will not hear cases about property separation and parenting plans in the same court, then it says somewhere later Standing Committee of Attorneys-General in Nov...
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    Interesting Punk

    Green day / Sum41 / Living End
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    Same =P, I really liked the C1 and C2 questions, had to get extra paper on each, which is a change
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    Multiple choice answers pe

    Awesome I got 19 =P
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    What will you do with your school stuff?

    I'm going to learn how to make paper planes, then burn them if they are from English!
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    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    Phew, at least I'm not the only one who found the report challenging, only put 1 social resp or something, multiple choice were nice and easy, short answers were strange (no ratios, left me thinking i'd missed out a bit with 2mins to go) but think I would have got most short answer marks
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    Am I screwed? UAI calc gives me 41.8?

    I got 1 more mark than you in the trial =/
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    Anyone doing Shoah Foundation website?

    Im using it as a related text, and all I can get from it is; It reflects the needs of the victims of the holocaust to record their memories, as an attempt to create a greater truth within history. - Would not have been regarded as history pre 1970s (Empiricist view), however regarded as hist now...
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    Need Help with H&M.

    I thought we aren't allow to do Rabbit Proof Fence because its a prescribed text for something, I might be confused though.
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    Hopeless at creative writing

    I'm not really good at creative writing, or English. Just wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions on how to improve my introduction. (My complete story is episodic) His body trembled, as he trampled through the marshes. Lifeless figures gazed up from their hollowed faces. His body...