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    Is this all I need to Know For Global?

    ...i really hate this subject. ...We barley got taught anything on Global.
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    Global Question Interpretations

    I dont understand what these questions are asking: 2002: Catholic Trial - 27. i) 2002: Catholic Trial - 27. ii) 2004: HSC - 27. i) 2004: HSC - 27. ii) This is the question you must have a case study right, eg Qantas? But what exactly is the question asking, i dont understand.
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    2002 Catholic Trial (Question 26)

    This was the question in the 2002 Catholic Trial HSC Paper, it was required to be in report form, which i know how to do, but can someone tell me how to link that question to the 'problems' it puts forward. Can someone tell me how managment stratagies can resolve these problems, and also the...
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    Bored of Business Studies

    Iv always hated English, and although i think Business will serve more purpose in life than English (to some), Business Studies would have to be the most boring subject i do.
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    Year 11's wanting Year 12's notes

    HAHA man, by time you reach the HSC ull have all you can stand of school, i still got Business to go, i CANT WAIT for that to be done!
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    the "OMG i STILL havnt finished the HSC" thread

    DAMN the social science courses, i got Business to do!
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    Year 11 - A Waste Of Time?

    so i gunned the year in different courses in year 11 and i only get raped by the system..phhff
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    Year 11 - A Waste Of Time?

    Just wondering, hell if i know, do our ranks that we came in Year 11 also go towards our UAI, or just the shit from year 12?
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    Poor wording in this exam?

    ...why no offence, i couldnt care if i offended any of them.
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    IPT HSC 2005: General Thoughts

    ...nice waste of two years, the subject and the test we did blows!
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    You call that an Exam?

    This test would of had to been one of the most boring tests ive ever completed (although Business should come close), the exam was shit, at one point o wanted to just write "What is this? Business Studies!" ... i hate the subject 9like MANY of the subjects i do), im glad its over, wrote hektik...
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    When did you leave?

    same, i looked at the clock, twas 4:30, i tried to stay longer and i tried to pass time, after what felt like at least 15 minutes, i looked at the clock again and it was 4:30, at that, i said to myself "bugger this" and i pissed off...
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    < 2005 HSC IPT Students (Is it Hard?)

    This question is for all the people that done the IPT HSC test in past years, you rekon its hard, or ... what sections are most difficult etc...?
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    t(^_^t ) To English!!

    dix to english! ...and in 40 years time, i hope i have somthing better to do!
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    The ''OMG I can't wait to post in the OMG I've finished the HSC thread''

    Why does it matter how many, keeps the mood alive!
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    major works?

    For Multimedia i made two programs (coded), website, 2 help files, 3 or 4 flash tutorials (for the applications i made) and folio over 80 + A3 pages.
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    5 Mins Reading Time...

    I use it for what its basically ment to be fore...reading, doesnt really take a genius to figure it out.
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    Mark or Rank?

    HA! serious! Cause in my class (IPT) there are pretty big gaps between people.
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    5 Mins Reading Time...

    Lol, class idea! ... make everyone else nervous. Thats what i did, to a few people before the exam on Monday, they told me that they originally wernt nervous, but me with them was making 'em a bit paniky.
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    Mark or Rank?

    For the tests that we did for the trials, half yearly, etc, is it our mark or rank in skool/year that will help with our UAI...? Now Playing: Bonkers 14 - Scott Brown's Mix: Evil Activities - Do You Like Bass (Tha Playah Rmx)