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  1. K

    Legal Studies Exam (Scanned)

    Hey there, the answer is actually criminal law. Criminal law is public law, but is it also private law as it can deal with disputes between indivuals. correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure thats the case
  2. K

    Blueprint of Life Tips

    what the hell is independent assortment and random segregation??
  3. K

    skilled performance, learning - all that stuff

    Does anyone have all this stuff down pat? This is the only part of the CORE 2 i just DONT GET. Can someone run me through (briefly) skilled v unskilled, learning a new skill, all that sorta stuff? PLEEEEASE. I can return favour in any other area of core 2, core 1, or sports med.
  4. K

    PDHPE help!

    Really depends on what sort of questions you're after, but if you go to board of studies website they have some samples.