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  1. Chocoholic_Gal

    cruel intentions 1& 2

    the first one was alot better due to the actors and actresses present in it! My grandad taped it thinking it was a murder mystery...lol, boy, was he mistaken! Who else here thought the acting was REALLY BAD?
  2. Chocoholic_Gal

    Gilmore Girls

    LOL, how do u get a 'small' hottie r u referring to his size? I must agree with u2, Jesse is way better then lil ole Deany boy! I cant believe its back on, i LOVE it, its first series was way better but its all good!
  3. Chocoholic_Gal

    Question 1!!

    Yeh i didnt understand that source much i just kept putting in my essay "as discussed in the source" lol...STUPID darn source. It had like 2 things u could use then the rest was useless!
  4. Chocoholic_Gal

    reason for difficulty....

    I did those 2 questions first. I disliked the rest of the paper, it was evil! My friend and i walked out with half an hour 2 spare, lots of blanks. MATHS = GRRR!
  5. Chocoholic_Gal


    i that show...i remember they had a book or sumthing I liked pokey and gumby equally...i dont really remember the blockheads =( i wish it came back on tv!
  6. Chocoholic_Gal

    The Two Towers was a crap movie

    I agree... The best thing in the movie was SMEAGLE...he rocks! Makes the movie better!
  7. Chocoholic_Gal

    Official Question 2 Thread - Creative Writing

    EVIL CREATIVE WRITING! I get so creative i forget what im supposed to be talking bout...so i pretty much 'tuffd dis one up big time! I left it till last, had 20minutes to write stuff that just sounded like a whole lotta "blah blah's" and made NO SENSE...grrr
  8. Chocoholic_Gal

    Module C - Telling The Truth

    I liked this question. I hated this module, didnt understand it one bit, but i think i did better in it, then the other ones. So glad its over!
  9. Chocoholic_Gal

    Aced it or Fucked it

    I think i did good in the personalities, but then i crapped it up. I forgot it was an THREE hour exam, so i was going with 2 hrs and then when it got to 11:00 i only did 1 and the historical period, i rushed through the society and then with the essay society i realisee it was a 3hr one and...
  10. Chocoholic_Gal

    Whats the first thing...

    i just realsied after my last exam, i will go home and clean my room up (meaning: flush notes down toilet) and then organise everything for my formal.... =D YAY
  11. Chocoholic_Gal

    How do you file your notes?

    My notes r filed as "stupid" "annoying" "wouldnt have a clue" etc...im being serious, it helps me get into the mood of studying seeing crap like that written on there, instead of seeing "motors and generators" "space" and all that boring stuff...whatever
  12. Chocoholic_Gal

    Whats the first thing...

    I dunno...i think ill probably ring up sum of my friends and organise sumthing, either at home or camp out in one of our backyards, just for sheer humour, lol
  13. Chocoholic_Gal

    best line from lyrics/speech/play/movie

    "its funny how we feel so much but cannot say a word we r screaming inside & we cant b heard" I Will Remember You = Sarah McLachlen...its the most beautiful song ive heard!
  14. Chocoholic_Gal

    Gilmore Girls

    lol...that guy whose going out with Hilary Duff is droolworthy! I 4get his name, he was on GG, played the guy at her school who called her "mary" HIM! lol
  15. Chocoholic_Gal

    Worst TV Shows!!

    yeh same here, better homes and gardens and those kinds r ICKY...my mum loves em!
  16. Chocoholic_Gal

    Gilmore Girls

    yeh i agree with that veg, Punkd is totally "blurcky" but yet..it has appeal ;-)
  17. Chocoholic_Gal

    Worst TV Shows!!

    I like sum of the Big Brothers, lol =$ better then seinfeld...i hated that show...
  18. Chocoholic_Gal

    Sharing Poems and songs

    Wow...thats funkalicious Warrior...do u play guitar or sumthing and have actually turned it into a proper recorded song or nething? IF so, i wanna hear, PLZ! with a cherry on top. How many songs/ poems do u have?
  19. Chocoholic_Gal

    A week from now...

    r u having a party to celebrate ?
  20. Chocoholic_Gal

    A week from now...

    im an 85'r =D *cheerin* howeva, being 18 is same ole same ole, when u go to school and have parents like mine =(