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  1. J

    Pdf economics textbook needed!

    Hey guys, If you have a economics textbook, please send the link or file to me. Thanks :)
  2. J

    Help maths online login needed!

    If anyone has a working mathsonline account please share! thanks!
  3. J

    HSC Music 2 Piano pieces?

    I suggest these pieces Debussy Arabesques 1 or 2 Ravel minuet from sonatine Any of Chopin's Nocturnes Chopin Funeral march from Sonata in b minor Harder pieces: Ravel l'ocean Ravel Gaspard de la nuit Liszt Un sospiro Etude Basically any of Ravel's Miroirs Slow movements from...
  4. J

    Posting reliable music 2/extension notes

    From 5/09/2015 I will be posting some invaluable notes on Harmony, Musical periods and almost everything you might need for Preliminary hsc music I will be using these sources, also advise you to have a good look through them! Harmonic Practice in Tonal music - Robert Gauldin The oxford...