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  1. BLIT2014

    MQ Chatter Thread

    Hows is everyone finding Macquarie so far?
  2. BLIT2014

    What bag for uni and what to bring?

    A backpack as it lessens the chance of back problems in the future. I've seen people walk around with fjallraven backpacks which might be more attractive than your typical backpack? https://fjallraven.com.au/collections/kanken-bags Also, what degree are you studying?
  3. BLIT2014

    How much work is a UOC exactly?

    A full-time load is typically 3-4 subjects a semester, so in your place, I'd suggest starting with 4 subjects. What degree?
  4. BLIT2014

    Maq V UTS

    Macquarie University Law Society is an excellent social society. Have you visited the campus? Are you planning to combine it with anything? Macquarie has semesters. and UTS has trimesters.
  5. BLIT2014

    Working at Art of Smart

    I'd personally suggest steering clear of tutoring firms wanting to have you as a contractor. Might as well just go private+direct and get more $$$
  6. BLIT2014

    Maq V UTS

    What's the travel time like for both of them?/Are you planning to combine it with anything?
  7. BLIT2014

    Popcorn flavours

  8. BLIT2014

    Test and compare your internet speed

    Red line is causing me stress :(
  9. BLIT2014

    Test and compare your internet speed

    Ask for a line test from your ISP? Otherwise, play around with the router settings or see if you have to download any updates for your router. I did that and our internet speed went up by 1.00 Mbps for upload and download.
  10. BLIT2014

    can you take a 6 month gap "year"

    People take Gap years, fail units, take units (such as electives) as different times or enter as a mature-aged student (i.e 21+) rather then straight after school. Might work in a job (s) for a few years then go back or enter after doing a TAFE course. I suggest not thinking about it like you...
  11. BLIT2014

    can you take a 6 month gap "year"

    Which University? Lots of Universities offer half-year entry but would recommend ringing them to talk about your specific circumstance.
  12. BLIT2014

    Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    According to the SMH, nightclubs are closing, and elective surgeries are being restricted alongside pausing major events. https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/nightclubs-to-close-surgery-restricted-as-safety-measures-return-to-nsw-20220106-p59m9b.html Wonder if/when we will get Church services...
  13. BLIT2014

    Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    Can you drive? There's a fair few beaches on the central/south coast that aren't crowded.
  14. BLIT2014

    Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    Anyone know if the advice is work from home if you can?
  15. BLIT2014

    Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    From the 10th January trains are running to a weekend timetable so fairly possible.
  16. BLIT2014

    Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    RATs have become the new masks.
  17. BLIT2014

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    Happy New Year! Maybe to learn to tie my shoe laces one-handed?
  18. BLIT2014

    Post HSC where to work?

    Officeworks/JB Hi Fi Depending on how Covid goes lots of hospo places are desperate for staff.