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  1. willstylz

    b information technology units

    so many times were full.... pissed i had to drop a unit and pick another
  2. willstylz

    b information technology units

    see you there lol! what planet unit are you doing?
  3. willstylz

    b information technology units

    True, yeah im going with just the three units. Yeah im majoring in BIS you?
  4. willstylz

    When do new classes open up?

    What classes were full?
  5. willstylz

    b information technology units

    What units are you guys picking? Im currently going to try to enroll in:" ISYS100 ISYS104 COMP115 still deciding on the 4th
  6. willstylz

    laptop for uni?

    If your using a laptop/netbook get your hands on Microsoft Onenote, perfect for notes.
  7. willstylz

    Help with foundation units

    Hey, with the foundation units do you need to do all of these (in my case, 3 - http://www.handbook.mq.edu.au/2012/DegreesDiplomas/Degree/Bachelor+of+Information+Technology) in the first year?
  8. willstylz

    Help with finding units

    sweet im enrolling in b IT this year too :)
  9. willstylz

    MQ Roll Call 2012

    :) accepted a Bach of Information Technology, so excited to start at maq!
  10. willstylz

    MQ Chatter Thread

    Anyone enrolled/ing in the B information tech? :)
  11. willstylz

    Can i really trust the ATAR calcs???

    same broken, noway am I getting near a 91 Atar lol
  12. willstylz

    General Thoughts: Food Technology

    pretty good, pretty easy; had alot of time to complete the test.
  13. willstylz

    lack of energy

    Daily vitamins are pretty toxic, just eat healthy, and exercise. Increase natural sugar levels and some slow digesting carbs will give you extended energy NATURALLY.
  14. willstylz

    iPhone/iPod Touch App Recommendations

    Dropbox - access your home files anywhere Appbox - simple converters Tinywings - best time killer Fruit ninja - no explanation needed Emoji - best emoticon app I've come across
  15. willstylz

    iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus - share your thoughts

    agree with iRuler, prefer the iPhone as the iOS is a very solid build I enjoy the competition between iOS and Android, keeps both companies looking to improve their product/s ensuring that us, the consumers are always receiving products that are meeting our needs. the iPhone 4S, despite no...
  16. willstylz

    More computer problems

    if your not desperate and dont move it around often I would just leave it on the tv or find/buy a spare monitor even a CRT which are cheap, even some smaller LCD's are pretty cheap these days Its safe to rule out a software problem, I would ring HP and ask how much it would cost to repair, and...
  17. willstylz

    Anyone not going to schoolies?

    I work, and im going to schoolies. win, win. I worked my ass off in school and at work so whats really wrong about taking a week off?..
  18. willstylz

    Gaming Computer

    hate on WD? Seagate still has their flaws but i'd rather it over the WD dont rush a build coz' your dying to play, save another 300-400 on top of your 500 and your looking at a quality build that will last ALOT longer than a small upgrade that would be bottlenecked by your lacking cpu
  19. willstylz

    Multiple Choice

    either 16 or 17 / 20 :\
  20. willstylz

    The Nintendo 64

    Banjooooo kazooie all day