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  1. hvf26

    UMAT prep, is it useful?

    in my experience f2f and ME did jack all in S1 and S2, i honestly think i did worse off by relying on the practice Qs so much (my fault partly but yeah, lesson learned) but for S3 it helped me immensely, id recommend preparing for S3 because most people including myself find it the one to...
  2. hvf26

    Do you trade shares?

    Re: higher return than stockmarket? this nigga stole my money loljks
  3. hvf26

    Top Gear Season 16 Episode 1

    haha i watched this the other day, pretty good
  4. hvf26

    Acer practice tests results v Umat scores

    you cant really make any assumptions on what percentile to expect from the practice exams, especially because of the huge difficulty gap in the practice exam and the actual umat... but props to you for trying to help others
  5. hvf26

    Face to face practice test

    thats pretty good, especially s2 what tips do you have for s2?
  6. hvf26

    My car, what does everyone think?

    thats a pretty cool car man are you still using that old motor or did you manage to get an upgrade?
  7. hvf26

    Post ur photos of the best car that u've seen and where u saw it

    seen an aston marton db9 on the great western highway like 3 weeks back i see a phantom every sunday on parramatta rd demir leather (the dude has a red f430 and lambo aswell)
  8. hvf26

    Rate this: Blow off valves

    nice car dude haha, saw the skid pan vid
  9. hvf26

    Corolla families

    hahaha itd be awesome to own one of those JUST to see the look of your opponents face when you beat them at the lights (obviously cant beat anything major if not heavily modified but still..) "haha look at this guy in a charade...*races off lights* oh fuck...:cry:"
  10. hvf26

    Rate this: Blow off valves

    theyre useful in venting excess boost so it helps in not damaging parts :) but if theyre too loud theyre so douchey...
  11. hvf26

    Drivetrain of Choice?

    AWD grip ftw dont mind RWD though edit: yay GT4.
  12. hvf26

    haha thank you :)

    haha thank you :)
  13. hvf26

    Which subject should I drop?

    +2 4U takes up too much time. 6 people in the course so im guessing its not selective, and if youre 6th you wont get a very high mark, drop it.
  14. hvf26

    Future of music?

    no fucking way will artists stop producing tracks. even though billions of people download, people still buy legally, by itunes/ CDs/ other electronic methods. this being said, artists still get millions, but only the popular ones do- so id say as pop music is increasingly dominant (all the shit...
  15. hvf26

    Tans: Yes or no?

    tan is shit cos it doesnt exist at pi/2.
  16. hvf26

    the dream car thread

    the person doing that could just like the look of an M3, theres nothing wrong with getting a car based on looks. bimmers are more for a symbol of status rather than just going fast anyway edit: i agree with havox- how a car makes you feel is AS important as the performance. the old gullwing...
  17. hvf26

    How to fake logbook hours?

    do the RTA confirm with the registered drivers if theyve done those hours with that student? i know theyre extremely podantic about 120hrs so itd make sense to contact the instructors to check their logs (if they have any)
  18. hvf26

    Favourite Author

    i hope for the sake of your dignity and intelligence youre joking
  19. hvf26

    The chances……

    new sherlock holmes right here