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  1. Dragonmaster262

    Didn't do aswell as I had hoped...

    Find out where you went wrong in your trials and then forget about them completely. If you do well in your HSC exam and your ranks are relatively good then you're assessments marks will be mdoerated to match your external exam marks so you can make up for any muck up in internal assessment...
  2. Dragonmaster262

    Is anyone confident that they will perform well in the UMAT?

    I'm not; is there anyone who is?
  3. Dragonmaster262

    Concerns about 4 unit

    I hate Perms/Combs.
  4. Dragonmaster262

    Big Words in English

    Is it necessary to use these to achieve high marks? My teacher keeps telling us to use simple language because most of the time we won't be able to control our language if we use sophisticated words.
  5. Dragonmaster262

    Who IS studying for trials and what are you doing?

    I'm trying to read the Fiftieth Gate but it's so freaking boring and I forget what I just read the moment I reach the bottom of the page. There's no info on the net either of it. What a stupid text. Why did the Board have to prescribe it?
  6. Dragonmaster262

    Free UMAT Paper

    Don't iruler
  7. Dragonmaster262

    What mark are you expecting in 4 unit?

    How? You're the one who got 100% in your 4 Unit Half Yearly.
  8. Dragonmaster262

    What mark are you expecting in 4 unit?

    This is false. My friend got his raw mark for 4 Unit last year. He got 49% and that aligned to 81. Last year roughly 63% aligned to 90 I think.
  9. Dragonmaster262

    What mark are you expecting in 4 unit?

    Hoping: 96-98 Expecting: 92-94
  10. Dragonmaster262

    Which level?

    Which level?
  11. Dragonmaster262

    Free UMAT Paper

    New UMAT Free Full Length Paper | UMAT Australia 2010 Think it's reliable?
  12. Dragonmaster262

    Wedding Dresses - How to Buy Dreamy cheap Wedding Dresses Online

    Wrong forum; actually wrong site all together lol.
  13. Dragonmaster262

    how many past papers

    i'd jsut skip all the first easy questions and start at the middle/end where the questions get tough.
  14. Dragonmaster262

    CSSA vs Independent Trials

    CSSA just vaguely state what they want you to do in the question so it will be more difficult for you to socore full mark in your response. In my opinion, that's why they appear to be 'harder' than Independent papers. If you want a truely challneging paper then try Exam Choice. Their questions...
  15. Dragonmaster262

    Welcome back. Are you owning in ranks?

    Welcome back. Are you owning in ranks?