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  1. Gregor Samsa


    I hate to distract from the political debate, but I have another question. In 2004, I was able to pay my fees off in two parts, firstly at enrolment and then the rest within the next fortnight. Is this still possible? Unsurprisingly, the website doesn't seem to mention it.
  2. Gregor Samsa


    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the annual fees are for a 3rd year Arts student. 1st year was $577 and 2nd $481, but the amount is suppose to decrease further. If anyone knows the exact amount, thanks.
  3. Gregor Samsa

    What's your all time favourite line up for a concert?

    Specific eras when I feel like being pedantic; Augie March Dirty Three Go-Betweens (1985) Miles Davis (1970) Can (1972) Sonic Youth R.E.M (1986) Flaming Lips Jeff Mangum [Neutral Milk Hotel] Nick Drake (1972. He didn't actually play any concerts at this time, but its all...
  4. Gregor Samsa

    Best Album Openers

    Crap. Tough topic. I'll try to avoid songs already listed; The Clash- London Calling (London Calling) Talking Heads- Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) (Remain in Light) Sonic Youth- Tom Violence EVOL Radiohead-Everything In Its Right Place (Kid A) Nick Drake-Pink Moon (Pink Moon) The...
  5. Gregor Samsa

    last 5 CDs u bought/obtained

    Brian Eno: Ambient 4: On Land Talk Talk: Laughing Stock Bjork: Vespertine Flaming Lips: The Day They Shot A Hole in the Jesus Egg Go-Betweens: Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express
  6. Gregor Samsa

    What is Your Favourite Album At The Moment ?

    My current favourites; Talk Talk-Laughing Stock The Go-Betweens-Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express The Flaming Lips-Hit To Death in the Future Head Sonic Youth-Sister David Bowie-Station to Station
  7. Gregor Samsa

    Undecided on which HSTY course to take..

    Yeah. I also had Julie as a tutor, and she has very high expectations. Worse, she makes the tutorials rather boring. They were more about spoonfeeding than any actual discussion. Attempts to raise points were shot down rapidly. The course may be different with this other lecturer, but there's...
  8. Gregor Samsa

    What are you doing first sermesster?

    ENGL 2029: Victorian Literature ENGL 2901: Theory and Practice of Canons HSTY 2025: Class and Culture in Modern England HSTY 2901: Writing the Past
  9. Gregor Samsa


    :( While Ulysses does require some effort to properly appreciate, it is by no means impossible. One of my very favourite books. An endlessly open source of meaning. This usually isn't mentioned, but it is also a very funny book, when you get into it. Jokes abound, as do elements of almost...
  10. Gregor Samsa

    Honour Roll

    Hi, the 2004 University of Sydney Honour Roll was printed in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald. I'm proud to say I made on the list, as the recipient of the first AE Cahill History Prize. :D Anyone else here make this list?
  11. Gregor Samsa

    Values without virtues leaves us hooked on gratification

    That isn't a bad thing. Full of idiocy, that post is.
  12. Gregor Samsa

    Favourite Character?

    Having recently read The Red and the Black, (The Read and the Black? :D) Julien Sorel must be up there for 'Best Character'. Brilliantly depicted.
  13. Gregor Samsa

    What are you currently Reading?

    Gustave Flaubert-Madame Bovary.
  14. Gregor Samsa

    What TO Read

    Restraining myself to 20th century fiction... James Joyce-Dubliners (Then A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man, then Ulysses. Trust me, you get more out of them if you go in order, due to characters crossing over between texts...Besides the fact that they're among the greatest works of the...
  15. Gregor Samsa

    What are you currently Reading?

    Stendhal-The Red & The Black. Will have to post a list of what I've read in the past couple of months too. :)
  16. Gregor Samsa

    Semester 2 exam failures

    I'm not saying that if you think you did poorly, you'll end up topping the subject. That was just my pessimism and luck. You can do well without topping the subject. :)
  17. Gregor Samsa

    Best Music Videos...

    Bjork-All Is Full Of Love Radiohead-Street Spirit (fade out) Nirvana-In Bloom Massive Attack-Teardrop Weezer-Buddy Holly
  18. Gregor Samsa

    Best/Worst Novel

    Ditto. Fitzgerald has such a great prose style. :D
  19. Gregor Samsa

    da vinci code

    Blast. I thought your post was sarcasm. :(
  20. Gregor Samsa

    George Orwell (1984)

    I'd actually agree about 1984 being misinterpreted. The main problem is that the text critiques all forms of totalitarianism, rather than specifically attacking Communism. Where this becomes problematic is in many readings of the text, which is perceived as attacking not only Communism as...