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  1. sam04u

    What Excercise Did You Do Today?

    Hey :o
  2. sam04u

    What Excercise Did You Do Today?

    30-45mins of cardio (walking) 10 sets of flat bench 2 sets of incline dumbbell bench (superset) with flies 6 sets cable flies 2 sets pec deck 2 sets standing military press 8 sets shoulder press 3 sets overhead tricep extension 4 sets pushdown 4 sets of cable pushdown (alternating arms 4 sets...
  3. sam04u

    We hold these truths to be self evident

    Freedom does not exist. You are nothing more than a consequence of your environment and as such you will be predisposed to act and think a certain way, which even within a narrow realm of possibility, creates the illusion of free will. Our environment is the sole cause of our actions and...
  4. sam04u

    what proof is there that god exists?

    Proof as a concept can not quantify everything which does or does not exist around us. The concept of proof is to find evidence (of which in many instances is limited especially considering the circumstances). Just because there is a lack of evidence say for somebody comitting a murder, that...
  5. sam04u

    John W. Howard - Love him or Loath him?

    arguably the worst pm in australian history he contributed nothing except commiting us to wars we had no business being involved in. if you also count his record as treasurer... he easily becomes the worst australian politican just because I can't emphasise this enough I'll post the wiki...
  6. sam04u

    a question for bisexuals...

    Your sig... I love it.
  7. sam04u

    PROGRESS IS SAUDI ARABIA: First female TV presenter dressed as a ninja

    ITT: Nebu proves double standards. If he was ragging on Jews he'd be banned... again. Islamophobia is the last acceptable form of religious intolerance.
  8. sam04u

    Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

    I'm surprised this hasn't generated much interest... despite it being one of the most important events in recent times.
  9. sam04u

    Paddlepop Lick-a-Prize Comp

    So they're promoting gambling and unhealthy eating. :p I need to remember to pick some up later.
  10. sam04u

    Copenhagen retards

    1) why is this light and offbeat? 2) How did I not see this >_>
  11. sam04u

    Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

    Firstly, holy alliteration.... Link: $11bn climate aid package 'insignificant' | News.com.au It's being covered pretty much everywhere essentially more restrictions would be imposed on "developed nations" as opposed to "developing nations", with less oversight on the emissions of the...
  12. sam04u

    gimme hiphop/rap music to listen to

    Brother Ali - Us
  13. sam04u

    Sibling Rivalry: Fact or Fiction?

    holy fuck that is so stupid and childish.... grow up please
  14. sam04u

    Switzerland ban Mosque Minarets

    BOYCOTT SWISS CHEESE. No but seriously, who cares I mean it's Shitzerland?
  15. sam04u

    Sibling Rivalry: Fact or Fiction?

    Fiction. Also clintmyster, wanting to live up to a siblings expectations =/= rivalry.
  16. sam04u

    what proof is there that god exists?

    I love the utter arrogance conveyed by some of the posters in this thread, whether they be theists or atheists. You fuckers do not know everything. It all comes down to a question that has been asked before your daddy stuck his cock in your mummy and made you. What is the purpose of life...
  17. sam04u

    what proof is there that god exists?

    Kinda like analysis, logic and stubborness? You didn't just hear it, thought it sounded convenient and went along with it? I think we all do that, all the time. You didn't reason your way into clothing, sustenance, entertainment, etc. In fact I would wager that you have of yourself created...
  18. sam04u

    Measuring Intelligence

    Here is something that some of you might find startling, language in and of itself is a form of mathematics. You learn patterns of language and then reorganize these patterns and words into strings (you can even call these formulae) which make up sentences, that are a larger part of paragraphs...
  19. sam04u

    Victorian Cop Sacked For Not Being A Prick

    Policemen have a level of discretion. That is to say they don't have to be assholes. Considering the police are having enough PR problems as it is cutting down on a few speeding tickets, and letting a few people off with warnings is not going to hurt. In fact, the opposite it'd do a lot of good...
  20. sam04u

    boob jobs

    Fake tits are pretty disgusting.