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  1. shoxgeneration

    losing weight?

    good idea! i started with normal yoga and decided it wasn't intense enough, hot yoga or power yoga is much more my style. i do my classes at virgin fyi, if you're in sydney
  2. shoxgeneration

    losing weight?

    I do too - I've only ever done "hot" yoga which is not as intense.
  3. shoxgeneration

    losing weight?

    Yep definitely agree with you there cro_angel - the only way you're going to stick to something and be motivated continuously is to find something/s that you enjoy ACTUALLY doing, regardless of whether you're doing it alone or with a friend. Whilst I'm not a fan of Zumba (sorry love!) I've...
  4. shoxgeneration

    Media-Public Relations/Advertising WHICH UNI would you recommend?

    I have quite a few friends who are involved in the media, advertising marketing etc community and they mostly seem to have studied an Arts degree majoring in media & communications, so I would say it would be a good step in the right direction for you. As long as you put in the effort also to...
  5. shoxgeneration

    How to pick up French quickly?

    french films with subtitles etc / french songs and then checking the lyrics is always good practise... as is of course, regular conversations with someone who can speak french
  6. shoxgeneration

    2011 Semester 1 timetables

    wow so MIA from bos for like 1/2 year => nearly forgetting my sign in name + appearance of all these new users.... first years i assume? last year HERE - THANK GOD = in 2 days a week (mon/tue) gosh can't wait to get it all over with!
  7. shoxgeneration

    Official UNSW Student Forum?

    never heard of one
  8. shoxgeneration

    What I am doing/wearing today

    studying *grr* and snacking... + lilac boyfriend shirt + tee + blue jeans + havaianas
  9. shoxgeneration

    Wish List Thread

    Are. Awesome ! And oh so geeky ♥
  10. shoxgeneration

    general UNSW chit-chat

    next time, try to google/search on the asb site please? Home | Prizes & awards | Student life | Current students | Australian School of Business | UNSW
  11. shoxgeneration

    French Films and Music.

    Like pop? Christophe Mae is awesome! Also great: - Bénabar - Raphael - Renan Luce - Camille's older stuff
  12. shoxgeneration

    Exchange application questions

    I agree - they're very broad but the usual questions you'd expect for an application. Just reflect, think about how you'd answer it and then make an effort to write it all before you copy/paste it into the online app to submit it! Good luck!
  13. shoxgeneration

    MARK1012: Marketing Fundamentals

    I agree - stupid course, but quite easy if you just memorise all the information and textbook. Core if you're majoring in marketing. I was going to, did this course and changed my mind.... don't know if that was a good idea but oh well :)
  14. shoxgeneration

    city sidekicks

    hey guys, so on my blog (with my boy), we've embarked on a new initiative and decided to create a new collection of mini no-fuss useful travel guides called 'city sidekicks' - available to download for free on Les Deux first ever one is on Vienna... so for anyone planning to visit it...
  15. shoxgeneration

    hey fifi, i don't remember too much about this subject (LEGT2721) as it's been quite a long time...

    hey fifi, i don't remember too much about this subject (LEGT2721) as it's been quite a long time since I did it... but basically.. all i can say is: - there is a structure to follow (its some acronym, cant remember what but your tutor should have told you / its in the course outline), make...
  16. shoxgeneration

    is there ANY way to get rid of frizzy hair ?

    Do you blow dry your hair often? I never really blowdry my hair these days, but in the past my Mum forced me too and I found that my hair was soooo frizzy back then!
  17. shoxgeneration

    general UNSW chit-chat

    Woah, so what exactly happened? They sold too many tickets --> maxed out boat quota = drama? Or something else all together exciting? haha
  18. shoxgeneration

    general UNSW chit-chat

    Congrats love :P when do you graduate! I haven't spoken to you for ages (clearly)...
  19. shoxgeneration

    general UNSW chit-chat

    Too much!
  20. shoxgeneration

    What I am doing/wearing today

    Lilac boyfriend shirt Dark blue jeans Black brogues Black woollen jacket Off to a WHOLE day of uni 9-7.30 and then a party in Paris: La Nuit de la Censure (going to die from fatigue!!)