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    Estimate your 2U mark :)!

    /Sigh, I suppose I walked into 2U and 3U math in year 11 knowing it would be the 3 units not counted to my ATAR, but it's still depressing... judging by the solutions posted up, and applying the harshest marking scheme, I reckon I'm looking at 80/120.
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    Modern Greek (Beginners) Listening/Written Exam

    How did everyone go? I, personally, found it very difficult compared with every other exam I've had for this subject - almost all of which were exams made entirely of past HSC questions. I found that the comprehension required a lot of guesswork just to answer the questions due to my lack of...
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    How did everyone go?

    I got a whole heap of D's in the second column and became paranoid =\
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    How did everyone go?

    Most challenging of any IPT exam I've ever seen (past papers, past trials, the lot). Hoping for 85%+, but not expecting it...
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    Section IV - Extended Response

    Re: extended response Lol everyone's saying they wrote >10 pages for each essay... the marker only gets 15 minutes with each essay.
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    Its over

    You people are square. This isn't about being ~sew happy~ to have received education lol. It's about FREEDOM!!!! Not like our Business notes can help anyone anymore, anyway... new syllabus. Burn for your life! Hahaha.
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    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    Re: Not hard? Anyone else use the Cambridge textbook's OrotonGroup case study for Section IV? Also, in Section III, dot point 1 I spoke about misleading advertising and creation of needs, for dot point 2 I spoke about providing discounts for early payment and introducing a credit limit per...
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    The Crucible

    Get out. lol. Nah, I actually really, really enjoyed The Crucible. My related texts are To Kill A Mockingbird and The Breakfast Club.
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    Probability Question

    That works with the Monty Hall problem, but we're talking about independent events here; it doesn't matter what we already know, the chances that the other child is a boy is 1/2. The chances that any given child is a boy is ALWAYS 1/2.
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    Probability Question

    Anyway, my answer remains as 1/2; mathematically speaking, gender is always an independent event and the chance of a particular gender is 1/2. Wouldn't make a difference if they couple had 2 kids or 20 kids; the chance that any one of them were male would be 1/2.
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    Probability Question

    Read the question wrong, assumed that the first child was male, my bad.
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    Probability Question

    GB and BG are the same thing because we know that the 1st child is B.
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    Probability Question

    Half. Child genders are independent events, like tossing a coin. EDIT: If you wanted to do it mathematically... P(boy boy) = P(1st is a boy) x P(2nd is a boy) = 1/1 x 1/2 = 1/2
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    ATAR Estimate Please =)

    State ranks for both of us... we're in the same cohort. ;)
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    ATAR Estimate Please =)

    Really? I was expecting an avalanche of 60's and 50's. Thanks for the response, guys! :)
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    ATAR Estimate Please =)

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to estimate my ATAR based on my trial results, my rank, my school's rank and the average trial result for the cohort in my school? English Adv: 8/21, 77%, Class average 68% 2U Maths: 8/21, 58%, Class average 46% 3U Maths: 8/12, 54%, Class average 58% Bus...