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    Option: Equity and Health

    Re: Finding Pd Hard Hey guys, just wondering if anyone is doing equity and health as one of their options?? I'm the only one at my school and well in this area doing it so just wondering how anyone else is finding it..
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    General Thoughts - Modern History

    bahahaha That's gold!! Couldnt have said it any better!!
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    Module A- BR and BNW

    Very, very bad question!!! The 3 advanced classes only learnt similiarities!!! lol Umm but i gave a generalisation of multiple similiarities and used the openings to contrast the differences... then i focused on the contextual differences of Huxley ie. effects of war on society then said that...
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    General Thoughts - Modern History

    Thought the exam wasn't too bad... But seriously its very much quality over quantity!!! All of you are probably top of your game, first in modern, just dont count your eggs before they hatch... Theres no point telling everyone how much you wrote in each section, either you liked it or you...