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    How much you mofos write?!

    11 for each
  2. M

    Multiple Choice

    Yeah!!!!!! 19/20 for me
  3. M

    Daily Telegraph Today-board Of Studies Reject Claims

    Maths was not that bad....................so over-rated!!!!! No surprises, the length was a bit long, but it was alright
  4. M

    The Official HSC 2003 Paper: Mathematics 2U

    The test was is OVER-RATED............if u knew ur stuff then u should have gone ok...............carved up part a of q10!!!!
  5. M

    forensic chemistry

    Yeah i agree, overall it wasnt too hard. Although i just went on about anything i could think of for emission spectra and chromatography. Did everyone get F2 for the father of the child??
  6. M

    How much did you write

    Section One - 7 pages Section Two - 6 pages Section Three - 11 pages
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    Official Question 2 Thread - Creative Writing

    I hate the creative writing shit. I wrote six pages of crap about the bush fire...not very origingal or creative. I'm hopin for 10/15 for this section
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    2003 hsc large questions??

    yeah, i'm hopin for one on how to purify a towns water supply or CFC's - i carved that up in the trials
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    The Official Module B - Close Study of Text (Section II) Thread

    Oh my gosh, Witness was sooo easy. I wrote like 10 pages on that stuff
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    The Official Module A - Experience Through Language (Section I) Thread

    I did The Club. The question was fairly easily i thought, except for the part about "experiences"
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    The Official Module C - Texts and Society (Section III) Thread

    I did Raw as well. I thought that the question was fairly easily and generak. I think I wrote around 9 pages. I used a documentary on the Vietnam war "Mylai" and a 7.30 Report story for my ORT's
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    Band 6 in Standard

    I think that someone will get a band six this year. Is a band six classed as being over 90% or is the boarder for a band six set by BOS??
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    How much did you write?

    I wrote between 9 and 10 for each question
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    The Official Module C - Texts and Society (Section III) Thread

    I did Raw and found the question relatively easy. I talked about the different portrayal of the benefits associated with enforcement, compliance and protest between different texts. Did anyone else do Raw?? If so how did u answer the question??