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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    In the test, I got the same as what you just said besides question 20. I circled D, although I think I am wrong.. Anyone care to shed some light on the working out for Question 20?
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    anyone have the answers?

    Isn't the first answer D?
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    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    I got a different answer. Motorbike ride cost $3.34 each trip (day) or $33.40 for 10 trips (10 days), whilst the bus cost $36.40 for 10 trips (10 days) thus costing $3.64 per trip (day). Meaning that the Motorbike was $0.30 cheaper per trip (day) or $3.00 cheaper over the course of 10 days.
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    Principals' Recommendation Scheme

    I got it this year too, and you have to apply for the PRS Scholarship.. they shouldve sent you an email :/
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    Maximum possible bonus points for the following unis? (EAS inclusive)

    I know some university courses don't allow for bonus points, such as mac law. I know UNSW offer up a total of 10 bonus points for some "holiday workshops", which alot of my friends have recieved.. There is also some schemes such as UTS, which allow for many bonus points (such as the PRS).. I got...
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    WTF Happened?

    My friend got 85 and she got into USYD for Commerce. Don't know how. On the other hand, I got 84 and got into Law at UTS (through PRS).. I'm not sure if she applied through a program or for bonus points..
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    UTS 2014 Rollcall

    Bachelor of Laws, first year :)
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    allnighter for legal studies

    help me too. blah
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    Topic Sentences... Include techniques??

    blah, well atleast i know now!@ thank you (: and another question (you'll probably roll your eyes and think im stupid buttt remember english is my weakest subject).. would you advise to leave each paragraph with both texts.. or one paragraph = one text? ^ thats another thing.. whatever teacher...
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    Topic Sentences... Include techniques??

    lol, that's exactly what i thought. but with english as my weakest subject and one hsc marker telling me this.. i started questioning myself. thanks for clarifying things up :)
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    Topic Sentences... Include techniques??

    nono, not with the quote. For example, Peter Skrzynecki's Poem "Post Card" illustrates his cultural ambivalence with rhetorical questions and alliteration. lol.. out of all the english teachers i've met.. there's not one who'd give me the same advice on one essay-.-
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    Topic Sentences... Include techniques??

    Funny thing is, she is a hsc marker. god help us......................
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    Topic Sentences... Include techniques??

    wow thats weird as hell. Today i met with someone who is a hsc marker yet advises all her students to include the technique in the topic sentences.. strange.. :/
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    Topic Sentences... Include techniques??

    Over this past year, i've had a total of two teachers and two tutors. two of them say to include my techniques in a topic sentence for every paragraph, yet the other two say that is a big no no. What have you guys been taught? whats the way to go?
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    Are HSC exams anything like their same year TRIAL exams?

    Doesn't make that much sense but, the school who prepares the trials have absolutely no idea what is going to be in the HSC. In some cases, you could get a question or two that were the same in your HSC, but that will be purely on luck.