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    Exam Thoughts

    I'd love to see what was in this exam. Anyone got a copy of it? My school didn't run this unit during my HSC year, not enough people interested in it. But I'm curious now as a software engineering student to see what you guys had to deal with :P I'm also curious to see if it'll prepare you for...
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    should I get a whiteboard?

    There is only one answer to this question, and that is a resounding yes. Sadly I can't fit one in my studio apartment, but the labs at UC (University of Canberra) have a series of vertical whiteboards arranged so that they basically take up an entire wall, and boy have I made use of those for...
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    Preparation for Extension 1 Maths

    and if your teacher is a wanker and tells you to do the entire textbook exercise, completely ignore them. Do enough that you understand the concept, then like Pikachu said, move onto past papers.
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    UniLodge Internet Speeds

    Hi Guys, I'm on a mission to gather as much data as I possibly can about Big Air Networks. Apparently they used to have a facebook page, but that page appears to have completely vanished from the internet. So with that in mind, can anyone staying at UniLodge (irrelevant of what University)...
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    HSC 2017-2018 Maths Marathon

    Re: HSC 2017 Maths (Advanced) Marathon Oh my god the number of times \quad is used in that TEX code... anyways, is that picture from the MIF textbook?
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    2016 uc

    I'm getting an SRS offer from them tomorrow, so hopefully it's good :D
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    HSC 2017-2018 Maths Marathon

    Re: HSC 2017 Maths (Advanced) Marathon Just upload it to imgur or another image hosting site and use the IMG tags :)
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    Why is the IPT forum dead?

    Totally gonna revive this thread a wee bit, and say yes there is such a thing as IDT. Information Digital Technology, is a course hosted by TAFE which is commonly integrated into offers made by high schools, resulting in it being classed as a TVET course. I did the HSC exam for it this year, and...
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    Titration is guaranteed to be in the HSC exam, it's been in every Chem exam since the course started lol.
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    School matter THAT much?

    1 post and banned? wow. D:
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    2016 HSC Chemistry Exam Predictions

    I can confirm that the question *style* will be similar because the same group of people that wrote the exam last year are writing it this year. So know last year's exam back to front, and you should be accurately prepared for the *style* of questions they'll ask. With regards to content, well I...
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    Hardest / Weirdest syllabus points in Physics

    +1 That frame of reference shit messes with your head so much when you're learning it.
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    Reasons to re-think ANU.

    Can confirm that posts like this do have a major influence. So please, be mindful. :)
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    IDT - Networking and Hardware

    tbh, that exam was really nice. Loved the last two extended response questions. As for TAFE missing content, that doesn't surprise me at all. The only reason I wasn't shitting myself for this is because of my love of IT leading to an extensive background understanding. I've built my own...
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    Maths Ex 1 Q - Help!!!!

    Would probably be a good idea to post this in the appropriate section man. There's a maths section lower down where people answer questions. This part of the forum is only for thoughts on exams that are already done, or are going to be done.
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    IDT - Networking and Hardware

    I'm doing it today. I've got an extensive background in IT, so I've barely studied for this lol. I did the past papers before I even did the TAFE Course, and got 80+% in 2014 and 2015's paper. So I'm really cruisy about this exam ahaha. If what I read is true and you only need a mark of 92-95...
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    Who's doing VET IT tomorrow?

    I'll be doing it today :) I'm the only one in my school that is doing this course ahahha. So I'll be all alone in the exam room :D
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    Creative Writing Check

    Hi guys, I'd love if someone could look over two stories, and tell me which one is the better of the two. I'm not exactly in my teacher's good books at the moment due to me writing another short story this close to the exam, but I ceased liking my old one, and I thought I would have a go. If...
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    Maths Formulae

    More necros holy crap. Dude you gotta stawp xD