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    My guess is that the two slits would start to act like a single slit. Huygen's Principle - every point on a wave acts as a source of secondary wavelets - would apply here. And if the two secondary sources are too close together, then it acts like a single source. If you Google "single slit...
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    Equilibrium Clarification

    You need to be a bit more specific. Pressure can be changed in two ways - it can be increased or decreased. In the production of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen (N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3), an increase in pressure will cause equilibrium to shift so that more ammonia is in the equilibrium mixture...
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    Monomer question

    Polyester is a condensation polymer. Ester reactions are in "The Acidic Environment" section 9.3.5 (page 56 of the syllabus). The two monomers can be figured out by breaking the C-O-C bond in the C-O-C=O and inserting a water molecule. The C in the C=O gets an OH added to it, turning it into a...
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    Are electrons included in mass defect Q's

    I know the guy who set the question on this elective two years in a row... Mass defect questions will always and only be based on the mass of the nucleus - sorry to earlier responders - so if you are given the mass of Helium-3 nucleus as 3.0160293 amu and the mass of a proton as 1.00727647 amu...