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  1. hipsta_jess

    CLAIMING COMPENSATION - can casual workers claim??

    I actually work in this industry. All employees, regardless of employment status, are eligible to claim compensation through their employer's insurance company. Most employers are quite hesitant to fire employees until such a time as they are certified fit for pre-injury duties as it has...
  2. hipsta_jess


    Whats the difference between acrylic and gel? I want to get mine professionally done, with a french finish, but I don't know the difference?
  3. hipsta_jess

    Who are you with for Superannuation

    REST for one job, my new job I'm assuming will be HESTA, but who knows.
  4. hipsta_jess

    Study, note-taking, referencing, plagiarism.

    Common knowledge ("the sky is blue" "polar bears are white", etc) does not need to be referenced. As for writing anything thats not need to read widely, until the point where you can write "idea 1 (reference) + idea 2 (reference) = idea 3 (my own thought based on material I've...
  5. hipsta_jess

    why on earth

    Does everybody buy them, though, SJ? My course, there is 35-40 of us, and they usually get in 15-20, coz they know not everyone will buy it..
  6. hipsta_jess

    why on earth

    2 subjects = $400 :s As for the lines, I got mine in o-week...I rarely buy all the books anymore, I'm at the point of being able to flick through them and know whats good and what I'm likely to use (plus it helps having a mate in the year above me!)
  7. hipsta_jess

    O-Week is wet!!

    I checked it out today. Was most disappointing, I only scored TWO pens :(
  8. hipsta_jess

    Getting to the Campus

    Catch the train from Gosford to either Hamilton or Broadmeadow, then catch another train to Warabrook...its right adjacent the uni. Then, you just need to hike to whereever you need to be. Or if you drive, come straight up the F3, take the Wallsend exit, follow that road right through to the...
  9. hipsta_jess

    Rules for Customers

    If I am looking at the number on the sticker, please do not tell me what fruit it is by name, that does not help me, I KNOW ITS A FUCKING PLUM!
  10. hipsta_jess

    Rules for Customers

    Yesterday must have been a day for people arking up over cigarettes. I got abused twice for asking for I.D, Kelly got abused 4 times over an U18 being on the other register that can do smokes (he was the only other staff member we had on), and snide comments from every second person, and I'm...
  11. hipsta_jess

    does hair removal cream work?

    Its all coz of you, Stef. Although, I still maitain mine hurts like a bitch on all the soft areas of my leg..although, I've done my bikini line, it doesn't hurt anywhere near as much as my thighs or backs of my calves.
  12. hipsta_jess

    Rules for Customers

    When it is flat out and busy, and you ask where something is and I point directly at it and say "its there" .. no, I am not giving you attitude. We're busy and it is a stupid question. Open your eyes. Don't abuse my staff (I'm customer service supervisor). I don't take kindly to it.
  13. hipsta_jess

    Responding to telemarketers

    I always just say "I'm not interested, sorry, bye" and they always take that ok. If its a lotto type thing, I say I'm under 18 and my parents aren't home, that way they're not allowed to talk to me.
  14. hipsta_jess

    BOS University Guide: A Complete Guide to 1st Year Uni [A Work In Progress]

    Re: The Idiot's Guide to University (FAQ) It depends what uni you go to. My uni (as with most others) believe that 40 units is what you should be doing per semester. 40 units supposedly equates to 40 hours total effort per week (this includes class time, so if you have 15 hours in...
  15. hipsta_jess

    Do NOT attempt DIY Brazilian...

    As the hair grows, shave it (I know, I know), that will get it all back to the beginning, then once that regrows, go back to your beautician, she never needs to know!
  16. hipsta_jess

    What are you currently Reading?

    "Layla's Story" Its the memoirs of an Australian woman (Vanessa Gorman) who works/ed for Australian Story and lost her baby daughter (Layla) 8 hours after she was born. I'm about halfway through started off essentially as a porn, my God, it was so graphic I don't know how they got away...
  17. hipsta_jess

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - 21 July 2007 (NO SPOILERS)

    Re: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Hasn't JKR said many times that she never intended for Harry to survive school and go out into the world? So it is possible he dies. As for the other 2, I think they have to be people that truly care about Harry...maybe not Ron/Hermione...but possibly...
  18. hipsta_jess

    casual -> ppt at coles

    Either ask your department manager or store manager, or wait for it to be offered to you. Permanent rates for seniors is about 16 bucks an hour, so..maybe about 14?
  19. hipsta_jess

    Your 'thing'. (not about penises)

    I really love guys butts. No, scratch that. I love guys with chunky know, the really fleshy ones, sit pretty high, you just wanna grab it..yeh, you know what I'm talkin bout :P Other than that..personality and charisma floats my boat.
  20. hipsta_jess

    what are the chances?

    No difference, theres no "first in, best dressed" shenanigans.