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  1. coyazayo

    Need clarification with Inverse functions

    Lol I don't even understand what the teacher is saying ;p maybe I should talk to her about how its way past our syllabus huh?
  2. coyazayo

    Need clarification with Inverse functions

    Hey guys I have year 10 yearlies soon and one of the topic is inverse function. However I am confused in regards to restricting a domain such that inverse f(x) exists. For example when y=x^3-3x is restricted and must include zero, the answer states the domain as -1<x<1 (which excludes the...
  3. coyazayo


    Hi every1 thnx in advance ;) 1.Evaluate the limit lim x->∞ (xtan(2/x)) 2. Use L'Hopital rule to evaluate the following lim x->∞ (-x^2/e^x)
  4. coyazayo

    Inverse Funtions

    Hey everyone! Thanks in advance :) 1. f(x)=x^3-3x Find the gradient of the tangent to the curve y=f-1(x) at the point (-11/8,1/2) 2. Let g(x)=e^x-1/e^x Find an expression for y=f-1(x) in terms of x
  5. coyazayo


    Hi everyone! Find dy/dx 1. xy-2=0 2.x/y+4x=1 3.x^2y^3+xy^2-8=0
  6. coyazayo


    Hi all! I have some questions on inequality i need help with. Thanks in advance :) Graph the regions: 1. |xy|Greater than or equal to 1 (is x=0 included or excluded in this case?) 2.1/x>1/y It would be appreciated if you showed working out as well :p
  7. coyazayo

    Repayments Question

    Pat borrows $30 000 at 9% per annum reducible interest, calculated monthly. The loan is to be repaid in 60 equal monthly instalments. Q. With the twelfth repayment, Pat pays an additional $5000,so this payment is $5622.75. After this, repayments continue at $622.75 per month. How many more...
  8. coyazayo

    Trig general solutions Question

    You are at Risser's beach to search for interesting shells. At 12pm on 19th June, the tide is in (i.e the water is at its deepest.) At that time you find that the depth of the water at the end of the breakwater is 15m. At 8pm the same day when the tide is out, you find that the depth of the...
  9. coyazayo


    Find the exact value of tan22.5 degrees by using the expression for tan2x Thanks in advance :)
  10. coyazayo

    Trig Equation

    Hi. Evaluate the general solution of following trigonometric equations. sin(3x-pi/4)+cos(x+pi/3)=0
  11. coyazayo

    Help from cambridge 3U yr 11

    Hi it's been a while since I posted anything since I've been studying for other subjects. I need help with Exercise 4B Q9 and Q10 on year 11 cambridge 3U Thanks in advance :)
  12. coyazayo

    Selective Schools Test 2017?

    Yeah but there are situations where individuals muck up in one of the school exams and hence get don't get the grading they want for their report :p Additionally, some schools mark more lenient where others are more strict. I guess that could also affect your grading :p
  13. coyazayo

    How was the ruse test?

    Haiya everyone. This question is addressed to those who sat the ruse test or knows anything about it. So how exactly was the test? What comprised the test and if you could, elaborate on the time given and the difficulty? Thanks in advance :p
  14. coyazayo

    Trigonometric identity

    Hi everyone :) Q1. Write down an equivalent expression consisting of one term for each of the following A. (1-tan^2(θ/2))/(1+tan^2(θ/2)) B. (1-cos4θ)/(1+cos4θ) Q2. Prove that (without using half-angle formula) cos22.5= \frac{\sqrt{2+\sqrt{2}}}{2} So irritating to write some of these...
  15. coyazayo

    Graphs 2

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance :0 Q. (24y+36)x^2 +(24y+36)x +6y +25=0 Express in the form of y=a/(x-h)^2 +k (Truncus)
  16. coyazayo

    Polynomial and other thingss

    But how does the inequality being less than the unity make it so that it only has positive solutions?
  17. coyazayo

    Polynomial and other thingss

    Hi could you elaborate on what you mean by unity? I dont understand why for there to be a positive solution, the inequality must be less than unity :p
  18. coyazayo

    Polynomial and other thingss

    Hi everyone Q1. When a polynomial P(x) is divided by x^2-5 the remainder is x+4. Find the remainder when P(x)+P(-x) is divided by x^2-5 Q2. Consider the equations of the straight line and the square root, y=2+ax and y=\sqrt{ 5+x} Find the set of values of a, when the line intersects the...
  19. coyazayo

    Polynomials 3

    :0 Hii everyone. Just a polynomial question id like to ask. Thanx in advance :) P(x) is an odd polynomial of degree 3. It has x+4 as a factor, and when it is divided by x-3 the remainder is 21. Find P(x)
  20. coyazayo

    circle geometry

    Hi everyone reading this thread and thanks in advance :)