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  1. electrolysis

    Black Books

    srs? http://www.sanity.com.au/Search.aspx?sanquery=black%20books $12.87 a season, better than sanity at least. Kinda tempted to get the collector's edition now...
  2. electrolysis

    Black Books

    Amazing show. Also, lol at paying $50 for the complete box set, get it for £10.77 (~$17) delivered from amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005GNU5EW region 2 dvd though, but most players should be region free or region free-able.
  3. electrolysis

    Sure do, I'll PM you it.

    Sure do, I'll PM you it.
  4. electrolysis

    The Anime Thread

    Code Geass was freaking brilliant; one of my all time faves. atm I'm (slowly) going through Clannad and Steins;Gate. Not really digging Clannad weirdly enough since I loved Kanon, but Steins;Gate is absolutely fantastic so far.
  5. electrolysis

    Barista courses?

    Oooh, the level 1 course is only $80pp for 4+ people! I'd do it. http://www.coffeeschool.com.au/images/CertificateSample.jpg SITHFAB012B
  6. electrolysis

    Best Albums of 2011

    My top 10: 1. father, son, holy ghost - girls 2. let england shake - pj harvey 3. james blake - james blake 4. kaputt - destroyer 5. hurry up, we're dreaming - m83 6. the english riviera - metronomy 7. wounded rhymes - lykke li 8. king of limbs - radiohead 9. anna calvi - anna calvi 10...
  7. electrolysis

    How often do you poop

    Once a day usually, at no particular time. PB is 4 times, that was fun.
  8. electrolysis

    Facebook Timeline

  9. electrolysis

    ITT: facebook groups/pages

    my mi goreng brings all the asians to the yard and they're like 'ni hao ma'
  10. electrolysis

    I like your awesome email address: cheaphscbooks@hotmail.com LOL :D

    I like your awesome email address: cheaphscbooks@hotmail.com LOL :D
  11. electrolysis

    General Thoughts: Economics

    That has gotta be one of the most straight forward eco papers ever. WHAT A WAY TO FINISH THE HSC ~ WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT :D:D:D
  12. electrolysis

    Economics game

    Inflation rate: Year to September 2009- 1.3% Gini coefficient: 0.352 (according to the UN) I doubt they will worry if you don't have the exact figure though... edit: nevermind
  13. electrolysis

    General Thoughts: Physics

    lol i'm really late to this thread... BUT WHAT A FREAKING AWESOME EXAM <33 Definitely the exam that I felt most confident leaving out of the exam hall so far (even better than chem :)) Must've been all the physics pick up lines in the 'Physics Marathon 2009' thread :D
  14. electrolysis

    What will you do with your school stuff?

    I've started making a pile of everything cept phys&eco, ended up having more chem notes than english, sor1 was like 2 sheets of notes lol, and then theres a gazillion past maths papers :) Can't wait to BURNNNNNN them :) + I like the idea of roasting marshmallows over the notes bonfire :D
  15. electrolysis

    Paper Leak!

    ... can't believe i actually clicked it >.>
  16. electrolysis

    When is your last exam, and what are doing right after it?

    YAYYYYYYY i'm getting that done as well this weekend, can't wait (:
  17. electrolysis

    how was it

    [0.45]^3 [0.15] -------------------- = 5.4675 :) ___[0.05]^2
  18. electrolysis

    how was it

    The main use for sulfuric acid is in the manufacture of superphosphate (a type of fertiliser) - it accounts for 72% of sulfuric acid's industrial use equation: Ca3(PO4)2 + 2H2SO4 + 4H2O ---> Ca(H2PO4)2 + 2CaSO4.2H2O I dont think you need the equation, but I put it in just for the fun of it :)