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    English and humanities tuition

    I completed my HSC in 2007 at a selective school in Sydney and gained a UAI of 99+ I have experience tutoring 2 Unit English, Extension English (3 unit and 4 unit), Modern History and Visual Arts Theory. I am also available for Society & Culture tutoring as well as grades K - 10. I am happy...
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    Inner city and eastern suburbs tutor 99+ uai

    I have been tutoring for two years and am looking to tutor some more students in the inner-city eastern suburbs. I can tutor in English Adv, English Ext, Modern History, History Ext, Art theory and Society & Culture. I went to a selective school and got band six for every subject in 2007. I...
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    Inner city tutor 99+

    I offer tutoring in the inner-city and eastern/inner west suburbs. I received a UAI of over 99 and tutor K - 12. For HSC I tutor English Advanced, English Extension, Modern History, Society & Culture, Visual Arts (theory) and History Extension. Rates are negotiable and I am happy to come to...
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    99+ Tutor in the Inner City

    I am an ex student of Sydney Girls and received 99+ in the 2007 HSC. I live in the inner-city and am looking to tutoring in the city, the Eastern Suburbs, and possibly the inner-west. I am offering HSC tuition in English Advanced or Standard, English Ext 1, Modern History, History Ext...
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    UAI 99+ tutoring in English, History, Society and Culture and Art Theory

    Available for tutoring for HSC Society and Culture, English Adv. and English Extension, Modern Historry and History Extension as well as Art Theory (all depending on what modules/topics you're doing). Can also do School Certificate and Selective School's test tuturing. In the inner...
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    James Ruse, nsghs, sghs

    I think Sydney Girls was a great place to do my HSC, although in Junior Years I didn't like it as I found the academic focus annoying. Once Year 11 started and I focussed I found that if I was willing to cooporate the teachers were great and the friendly competition kind of pushed everybody...
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    Art Express Preselection

    anyone do graphic design?!
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    Visual Arts, last HSC exam for most people? :)

    I agree, I think it has been harder than the past papers! damnitttt.
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    Crime Fic Past Question Stockpile & Discussion

    aha im with you. i have lost all motivation/dedication by this point.. im not sure i could muster up the energy to attempt old papers. so whatever they throw at me i will just have to deal with in there. good luck!!
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    Crime Fic Past Question Stockpile & Discussion

    just wonderng, it seems some of the earlier HSC creative questions are more concerned with texts ie. asking you to write an interview with a character or something.. have they since changed this? or is it possible for them to give us a creative piece like that?
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    scaling in SAM

    I was just wondering if SAM scales marks ie. if someone got 90 in modern before scaling does it work it out accordingly? or would it be more accurate to put a mark slightly higher than 90 in accordance with modern's high scaling? Does that make sense? errr
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    That was so hard!! OH GOD, probably my worst exam for a subject that was my best internally. Does anyone know how the weighting works with the PIP? and how they work out your internal mark? Any reassurance.. anyone..
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    Are you ready for the exam??

    You need to just describe traditional society in your focus country. I do Vietnam so I'd just talk about religious beliefs, traditional family etc.
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    South Africa, Mandela, Indochina

    I did that question too and wrote similar things, although yours sounds more comprehensive than mine!
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    estimate raw marks

    does any one know about scaling for modern? what would a raw mark of 85 become? and 90?
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    err i feel your pain. i do it by correspondence, although i think i am doing just fine!
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    It's 7:36 and i am STUFFED for modern.

    It's 7:39 and i am PUMPED for modern amen. (we'll be fine) good luck!
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    Conflict in Indochina - Australia

    nup, you do you that in yr 10.
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    Russia Essay Questions

    "Account for the success of the Communist party of the Soviet Union in consolidating the Bolshevik Revolution in the period 1917 - 1928" How would you address this question in regards to the 1920s?
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    It was easy! Do you agree?

    NO! i though Blade Runner/Brave New World was particularly hard. I think each question appeared easy at first, but really were far more complex.. damnit.