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  1. edwardf316

    Modern History Life Skills subject?

    Hi all, Just wondering what the new Modern History Life Skills and Ancient History Life Skills subjects that NESA have introduced are all about. Are they the same as the normal subjects but for students with learning disabilities or poor English skills?
  2. edwardf316

    Dress code for high school tutor job interview?

    Hi all, I have a job interview at a tutoring company this coming Friday. In the email they sent me with information regarding the interview it says "The dress code is not formal, however you are required to dress in a manner suitable for conducting a lesson with a hypothetical student."...
  3. edwardf316

    UNSW chit chat thread

    It won't be released until mid to late September, close to when enrollment opens
  4. edwardf316

    Albert Speer part b question help please!!

    Check the main Modern History forum. Someone asked this exact question recently
  5. edwardf316

    The UNSW Scaling Thread

    If only there was some way to prepare for the final exam to give yourself the best chance of getting the mark you need. Maybe don't stick with your midsem strategy
  6. edwardf316

    Finding out if my subject has an exam

    It had its pros and cons. I did the online lecture which was great because it kept me to a two-day timetable and i generally found the lectures to be pretty interesting. The course covers a long period history but week to week the content was fairly engaging. The tutorials, however, were...
  7. edwardf316

    Gen Ed Recommendations

    Do GENS4015 Brave New World. I got an HD with maybe 5 minutes of work every week. Easiest subject.
  8. edwardf316

    When to do Honours

    You wouldn't happen to know if it's the same with Arts and Social Sciences would you? :)
  9. edwardf316

    When to do Honours

    Hi all, Just a quick question. If you intend to do a year of honours after your degree, does it have to be taken the year directly after you complete a bachelors degree or can you apply 6 months or a year later?
  10. edwardf316


    Don't get a Mac. Get a Lenovo, they're about $1000 cheaper but has all the same functionality.
  11. edwardf316

    Finding out if my subject has an exam

    ARTS1270. Last year there was an exam, the year before didn't have one. However this years course convenor last took the course in the year where there wasn't an exam so it's hard to say.
  12. edwardf316

    Finding out if my subject has an exam

    Is there a way to find out if one of my subjects has a final exam without referring to the course outline? The past course outlines vary, so there is no reliable indicator of whether there will be one this year and i would like to find out sometime in the next week before all the information is...
  13. edwardf316

    No clue how to do Major Project !! Help

    It seems like you have a pretty basic misunderstanding of what the project entails. I would start by contacting your teacher (I recognise it's the holidays but it's worth trying) and looking over all the materials you been given about the project. The project is a work of historiography. You're...
  14. edwardf316

    Historians for Native American History

  15. edwardf316

    Richard III Potential Questions

    I would re-think your entire question because it's not exactly related to history. Shakespeare was a poet and playwright but he was not a historian. If you're looking at doing Richard III i would focus on how his portrayal by historians has changed over time or something to that effect.
  16. edwardf316

    Exam thoughts

    83-85 is nowhere near a state rank
  17. edwardf316

    Anyone doing this course?

    Fair enough. It is very heavy on stupid terminology
  18. edwardf316

    Anyone doing this course?

    Interesting. ARTS1090 was boring as bat shit for me but i never found it too difficult. It's certainly not a subject i would recommend but all things considered it was a pretty standard uni subject
  19. edwardf316

    GENS4015 Brave New World: Science Fiction, Science Fact and the Future

    Hi all, I'm looking to do this subject as a Gen Ed next sem. All the info i can find about it online is from nearly 10 years ago so i was just wondering if someone who has done it recently could tell me anything about it or has a course outline? What are the assessments? How much time a week...
  20. edwardf316

    UNSW IPT Dates??

    Yes, it will take into account Semester 2 marks. The offers for Semester 1 intake won't be released until December 14th and that's because they will wait to look at your final marks for this semester. Don't give up, keep working hard at boosting that WAM!