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  1. laracroft

    Silly crush across the room???

    its so not that simple for a girl to just ask a guy out. but yea mayb if ur friend is having a party, or if theres something on at uni ask him, or go to lunch together if u both have a break, dont make it serious too fast
  2. laracroft

    Change subs + look @ Timetables on myadmin now

    im confused on if i can change one of my subjects or not. im doing b of social sciences n for my majors i have to choose one from hummanities n one from social sciences(incl the economics faculty.) but for my junior unit choice, im not sure if i can choose a subject from the economics faculty...
  3. laracroft

    Tute Groups

    im so totally confused with how the timetables work, and wether we choose wen we want our tutes, and how to make changes to our timetables. friends going to other unis already have access to their timetables and all that stuff..... L O S T.....:S
  4. laracroft

    The Tin Drum : Gunter Grass

    this has to be thte most fuked up book ive read, lol. its written by this german guy, quite a few years ago, the critics say it is "certainly the strangest, probably the greatster novel to come out of Germany." its about this guy who is really weird, like when he's born his mother tells him...
  5. laracroft

    second-hand book shops?

    theres one in Rozelle/Balmain, on Darling Street, really close to victoria road. its pretty ok, not huge but they have some good stuff, n alot of non fiction stuff 2
  6. laracroft

    How did u go in Extension History?

    i did nothing all year except for my major work...our teacher taught us almost nothing, so it was pretty much up tho the individual...but yeha i studied for 1 day b4 the hsc exam n i got 42/50 for my final mark. not fanastic, but bloody good considering i knew zilch 48 hours b4 the exam:)
  7. laracroft

    How to get band 6 answers???

    my best advice for history is to have ur essay writing skills up to scratch, but u will see they will improve throughout the year as long as u practice. also for essays in ur national study and the last section you should refer to historians differing interpretations, to show that you have done...
  8. laracroft

    Issues With The Cruise

    ur not gonna get raped seriously....unless u go with some guy to his room. the shire stuff wasnt that bad, like ok so there was so fights, etc blah, but u dont have to get involved, and its actually very amusing. you will deff have an awesome time
  9. laracroft

    BA (Media and Communications)

    2 of my friends from school are doing MeCo, Linda n Lorraine
  10. laracroft

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    you have spelling problems, but i have no problem with ur pics....lol wats with the condom suit???
  11. laracroft

    Your Parents. What do they think?

    so true, parents should be just plain proud of their kids for having completed the hsc, nad even having made the effort not to drop out in year 10. i congratulate every1 who finished hte hsc, despite what ur marks are.........were all GREAT!!!!!:D
  12. laracroft

    Official UAI Thread: Post your UAI's here

    yay! i was sooo surprised with my UAI i nearly fell off my chair.... 95.90
  13. laracroft

    Honour Roll

    i made it for ext eng, modern history and studies of religion, n missed out on ban 6 for eco n adv eng by 1 mark. that number, 89, is evil!!!
  14. laracroft


    id totally go on the cruise again, cpet for the fact its already booked out, n i dun wanna hang out with ppl from the year below me, coz tehyre gay.....but apart from that id go in a flash.... my friends n i were considering if it was possible to stow away in that hole between the bathrooms n...
  15. laracroft

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    heeeyyyyy my freinds from school are in ur pics!!! that supposed "fag guy" is not a fag....ur just jealous of his hottness...lol the girl in the pic, with him, nic was stalking him, lol extremely amusing the real fag was the guy who got up at the talent thingo n sung a solo, n on super heros...
  16. laracroft

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    bert tired to pick up every chick on the cruise, he made random druken attempts at me...i was like dude...how the fuck did u fit into those pants???!!!
  17. laracroft

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    some pics just a question how do u get pics to display directly in the thread, not as an attachment??? im blonde
  18. laracroft

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    hey we found that aswell, we wrote messages on the doors. the guys across the hall form us called it "the bat cave" seriously i love that damned cruise.... how bloody gorgeous were the kids in vanuatu
  19. laracroft

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    it was fukin awesome....had the best time ever hey tusitula....i saw u on da cruise..........im sad i wanna b bak on that boat :'(
  20. laracroft

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    yeha i heard something along those lines aswell....