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  1. pakman_au

    Thoughts on the 2015 HSC

  2. pakman_au

    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    Me mayte rolffeee dun gud ayeee rolflfee :rotfl::spzz::spzz::spzz:
  3. pakman_au

    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    MA te whTever Tthe F :spzz: UK u R on In NEED THats HSIt AHHahaHh~!!!1!111 :spss:
  4. pakman_au

    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    how Botu u :spzz: TAKemy diCk aAhhHAhA :spzz:
  5. pakman_au

    Section 1 - Stimulus

    oh yeaH :spzz: 2/15 ez ahHAaha rekt nah ripped aNew hole iNmy assholw!!!!!!!! haaH!H1 :spzz: :spzz:
  6. pakman_au

    copy of the whole paper?

  7. pakman_au

    Band 5/6 Cut Off (RAW MARK)

    dIDi dosmeone :spzz: sayPImngAAASSSSSSSSS???????? YEYAEEEEEEEEEE :spzz:
  8. pakman_au

    ATAR estimate please

    u WOT M999998???????? :spzz:
  9. pakman_au

    ATAR estimate please

    O SorRI MuTE ILL sTOp mw :spzz: jibba gaBBA m90 soz mITwe haVE A Abeaitlfil afTernoon :spzz:
  10. pakman_au

    ATAR estimate please

    M8 im telinyua fukN SPeed m98 :spzz: fUKen god 4 ya loOk @ me avItar im Onyl 17 bUT i feel Fukn gr89 m8 tOPs :spzz:
  11. pakman_au

    ATAR estimate please

    u SHIt ur blooDY mouTH m90 waSINT :spzz: tlKn 2 u knOW waz I >??????????
  12. pakman_au

    ATAR estimate please

    gAVw e me SOme spe3d aahHAahhha :spzz: haAHAHAHHHA u c awt i dDID dere????????? :spzz: naH Ledgit m9 dotN do fukN spEed ruIENS ur fuekn Lief :spzz: m89
  13. pakman_au

    Section I: Multiple Choice

    1.A 2.A 3.A 4.B 4.A 7.C 8.C 9A 10.T expeCting :spzz: aBotu 7-8
  14. pakman_au

    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    i REkon i smashD it, exPEcting 83 rAW Min probs E4 :spzz:
  15. pakman_au

    ATAR estimate please

    yEAH mate youre lOkINg :spzz:and abotu 79 - mid 80s @ the MOFment thears StIL Room foart SOMe :spzz: iMProvwment i thInk m88
  16. pakman_au

    fuk u hsit :spzz:

    fuk u hsit :spzz:
  17. pakman_au

    Band 6 cut off

    yeah fuk oath :spzz: M8 now WER r tsalkIng :spzz:
  18. pakman_au

    Metal and Engineering

    idk i think last year it was around 91 or something, so its pretty achievable. I had 3 people walk out within the first hour of the exam, two were sleeping throughout it and only one besides myself made a serious attempt. I think your teacher will have a lot of fun reading blank lines. But i...
  19. pakman_au

    Metal and Engineering

    i think it was pretty good, a few mc questions had like 2 answers that could have been right