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  1. shredinator

    Uai 70-89

    English Standard: 79 Mathematics: 90 Extension 1 Mathematics: 80 Physics: 80 Software Design and Development: 91 Chinese Beginners: 89 UAI: 89.10
  2. shredinator

    What do you think you got raw

    I know a guy who wrote the radar-jamming software for the F-15 when he was 17.
  3. shredinator

    Slingshot Effect

    Yeah, I don't get what's with learning an option like a month before the HSC exams.
  4. shredinator

    What do you think you got raw

    I'm thinking a little bit over 90% maybe. Hard to tell.
  5. shredinator

    Did anyone else think that exam was hard?

    I agree. I wrote something to the effect of: If you don't care about the other truth table combinations then its simple: <puts not gate just before X> If you do care, then I couldn't just do it with one extra logic gate: <Does boolean algebra and pumps out wierd (but functioning) circuit>...
  6. shredinator

    Actual Error in Question 23 Algorith

    I did what you do in exams and I answered the questions.
  7. shredinator

    Permutations and Combinations are CRAZY HARD.

    Well unless you get under the table, you're not going to be able to half the combos. The point they're trying to make is if i have ............2 ....7..............5 8......................1 ....3...............4 ............6 and you flip it over... its the...
  8. shredinator

    Permutations and Combinations are CRAZY HARD.

    Because the necklace can be viewed from either side: What appears to be two different combos, is just one, because when you flip it they're the same. Hard to explain without showing you. But its just the circle thing: 11! divided by 2 because there are half as many possible combos.
  9. shredinator

    UAI estimate

    I personally think you definately have a 63 if you can replicate those results in the exam. Shit yeah. Just keep it up and work, and its yours
  10. shredinator

    General thoughts?

    Yeah my hand was way more sore than it was for paper one. Hmm. it was a good paper. Not sure if I owned it as much as paper one becuase near the end i was just writing crappity crap, but it was still pretty good.
  11. shredinator

    No more english!! so what have u gained from 2yrs of english??

    A bit, but not enough to justify a course with two exams :)
  12. shredinator

    Image: Strictly ballroom

    It was pretty good! Pretty much all the themes of Strictly ballroom relate to human experience, so it was straightforward.
  13. shredinator

    shcoolies and sex

    Lol fag
  14. shredinator

    Section 2

    Lol BHHS got owned. I'm getting a higher UAI than him. Fish Sauce pwns.
  15. shredinator

    the 'what would you do differently if you could do your exam again' thread

    There wouldn't be much I'd change. I might add a bit more detail to Section 1
  16. shredinator

    Section 1

    i think i went solid in this question. Nothing fantastic.
  17. shredinator

    Anyone thinks they have killed the test

    I think i absolutely demolished it. Section 1 was okay nothing fantastic. I slaughtered section 2 and even moreso section three though.
  18. shredinator

    Would you pursue a one sided love?

    Ask her if she's up for a root. Tell her theres no chance she's getting a relationship so she might as well take what she can get.
  19. shredinator

    Is this a nice thing to do or just werid?

    Just by thinking along those lines you're about 90% of the way to a root. ALthough its not just an attempt to bang her, as Legham said, make sure she doesn't see it that way.