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  1. Infernal3

    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

  2. Infernal3

    Engineering Exam Discussion 2017

    Maybe the drawings especially the true length, the welding question and some of the last multiple choice
  3. Infernal3

    Engineering Exam Discussion 2017

    I'm hoping that I'll get at least 85 raw, but I already know that I lost at least 10 marks so fingers crossed Hoping for a high b5 to low b6 (b6 preferred ofc)
  4. Infernal3

    Engineering Exam Discussion 2017

    Band 6 cut-off is probably low 80s (but hoping it's even lower lol)
  5. Infernal3

    Engineering Exam Discussion 2017

    I'm just kicking myself because of that half-section question. I would've been able to finish it if I had the time. 5 marks down the drain.
  6. Infernal3

    2016 hsc engineering multi-choice help

    Okay - here's what you need to do: You have to think how much Y (outer one) will spin if pulley X completes a full revolution. Pulley X's radius is half of Y's (outer one) so if X completes 1 revolution, Y (outer one) will complete 0.5 revolutions (350 is double 175), therefore its speed will...
  7. Infernal3

    English Paper 1 - Thoughts

    I didn't get to finish the last question of the short answer :( But creative and the essay were alright Probs 9+13+13
  8. Infernal3

    2017 HSC Exam Predictions?

    Hey guys, what sort of questions do you think will be in the HSC exam for Engineering Studies? I heard there was an outrage last year because they put in a lot of materials and made the mechanics much easier.
  9. Infernal3

    Is anyone else feeling lazy towards the HSC or is it just me?

    I've been somewhat lazy throughout the year, so I'm now more motivated to put in the extra effort to study. Though I haven't been doing much past papers so I'll have to get on to that.
  10. Infernal3

    What's everyone doing for HSC study?

    Are you saying, theoretically, if you write an exact copy of the sample answer for a question, you won't receive full marks?
  11. Infernal3

    Notes on my HSC progress and aim

    Hey Rathin, I hope you don't mind me doing the same here because I think this will help me plan out my study. School ranking: 250-300 ATAR aim: 95 (minimum 85) Advanced English Internal mark: 82/100 Internal rank: 14/52 HSC aim: 90/100 3U Maths Internal mark: 94/100 Internal rank: 2/13 HSC...