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  1. sickdog12

    legal studies

    *sigh* the last one.... the last time i get up at 3 in the morning to cram... legal studies.... shouldnt be too bad as long as the crime section is nice... well off we go
  2. sickdog12


    i did crime fiction and wasnt really wat i expected....i spoke about how detactment allows composers to be above the conventions and subvert them suiting context and values blah blah blah...pretty shit but heres hoping the creative on the other hand was better....i had a pre set story and it...
  3. sickdog12

    General thoughts?

    i did crime fiction....so gay it wasnt really wat i was expecting...i hate the crap philosophies and questions that BOS comes up with... creative was good though...fit my previous work
  4. sickdog12

    estimate raw marks

    WWI - 22 Jinnah - 23 India - 22 Pacific - 20 - 87
  5. sickdog12

    India? Anyone? No? OK

    haha we do india.... kincumber high. i did the gandhi question....wasnt too bad
  6. sickdog12

    Raw Marks?

    oh haha i think i would of gotten 64 here's hope! chem is definately my worst subject but thats a improvement from my trial....but we wont go there.. :bomb:
  7. sickdog12

    Raw Marks?

    what does everyone think their raw marks would be....? let us know...
  8. sickdog12

    General Thoughts - Modern History

    ok sorry....i know this happened a while ago. i.e first page BUT who the fuck and how the fuck do u right 16+ pages for section one?
  9. sickdog12

    Role of Chemist

    i just spoke about a guy monitering the haber process.... felt like i needed to add the much loved haber process in there somehow... is that right or did i need to be more specific?
  10. sickdog12

    Shipwrecks, Corrosion and Conservation

    yeah i found that a little tricky to begin with but worked around it... all in all.....shipwrecks = good! could of been heaps worse
  11. sickdog12

    Anyone Else Abhore Personality Question?

    haha i did jinnah (india topic that no-one seems to do) and it worked pretty well i argued against it so it didnt go toooooo bad
  12. sickdog12

    The Bureaucracy of USYD

    yeah it would be something trying to get people to want to go to usyd..... ...not like there is a lack of those
  13. sickdog12

    a question

    haha if i get mid 80s ill be stoked! like as u can see i wanted much higher but i decided to go to europe and play for australia....
  14. sickdog12

    URGENT: CHEM EXAM TOMORROW!! please read

    definately dying tomoz....im throwing it out there.... NO PRACS! hahaha heres hope
  15. sickdog12

    Does anyone?

    i know EXACTLY how u feel....like not to brag im meant to be a half decent english student and regardless of me being away due to my sport (waterpolo) i felt like i fucked up that english.....king lear are u kidding.....give me 10 for it and i'll dance around naked.... i find myself working...
  16. sickdog12

    Year 12 Farewell Song

    we had 2 songs playing hey hey hey goodbye and aint no mountain high we didnt want anything too sad and we were going the old school haha a few other lame ones are friends forever - vitamin c time of ur life - green day you're a superstar - love inc not hard to...
  17. sickdog12

    shcoolies and sex

    this thread is just too funny!! i for one am not going to schoolies but just find the sustained arguement from one side and then the "fuck yeah sex sex sex i love sluts" etc etc from the other side amusing haha
  18. sickdog12

    Module A- BR and BNW

    nah that happened to me also i just dont want to think about it.....should get 16 hopefully
  19. sickdog12

    anyone not going to schoolies '07

    im not going on schoolies either....i have to start full time 12 sessions a week training after HSC hahaha but ill see whats going on around where i live (terrigal, avoca, central coast) but yeah mainly partying in sydney with my new team.