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    Should I ditch combined law to do single commerce? Please help me in my major dilemma

    Re: Should I ditch combined law to do single commerce? Please help me in my major dil Don't do something because others want you to do it, because at the end of the day if it doesnt make you happy then whats the use? Do something you have a passion for, something you can see yourself succeeding...
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    Finance Major overview

    Thanks for the useful info, but is investment analysis really that hard, i did 2 unit and got an 81 you reckon its at least passable?
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    2nd year finance maths

    Its not that long, but you would be graduating in the middle of the year then? I'm staying at UTS anyways, I can't be bothered doing more subjects lol and I figure it'll be easier to achieve a higher GPA here
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    2nd year finance maths

    yeah you can, but I thought maybe it would be different after the credits got approved or something because doesn't that go on the transcript? i dunno, you can still withdraw though so thats alright If it wasn't for the CA requirements, I would be more inclined to transferring to UNSW, but it...
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    2nd year finance maths

    Currently in the same predicament as you, but I'm from UTS. Just wondering since you've already given in your credit app to UNSW, but your still technically a student at Macq wouldn't UNSW find out when their reviewing your credit app or something, because being in 2 unis at once is not allowed...
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    Am I screwed, job wise?

    So this is my first year a business degree (started in Feb), planning on majoring in Accounting. I've missed all the dates for applying for all these programs that help you get a job when you graduate. For the example the Ernst and Young Career Compass Program, I missed out on because I thought...
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    HSC vs university - which is more stressful?

    I found the HSC more stressful because I was new to the whole studying thing every night and I was just beginning to develop my study habits, also pressure to get a good atar also got to me. I didn't really manage my time well, so that also made it more stressful. Whereas in Uni, I've refined my...
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    How did you go in Bachelor of Business Autumn semester 2013?

    ^This. If anyone has the past paper could you pretty pleasssseee upload?
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    Rebel Sport group interview

    Got a group interview at Rebel soon, can anyone tell me what to expect, or any tips?
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    Has anyone ever transfered from MQ commerce to USYD commerce??? Can you help me out

    Re: Has anyone ever transfered from MQ commerce to USYD commerce??? Can you help me o There are already subjects set for first year commerce, so you don't have much a choice. Go to the Macquarie Uni forum if you want know how difficult they are. But I can already tell you first year accounting...
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    Bachelor of Business/Commerce useless now?

    I think it's fair to say every man and his dog is studying this degree, so with the oversupply of graduates is it safe to say this degree is not as much of a fallback option (career-wise) as it used to be?
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    Stresses of uni and succeeding?

    Science-y subjects usually have alot of content and usually need alot of time and effort. It really depends on how quick of a learner you are and whether you study smartly. Fall behind just one week and the work can start to pile up as you also have to hand in assignments; each week you'd...
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    B Economics??

    Hi, I've done 2 unit advanced math in high school, would that be enough for this degree? Am I allowed 2 majors? If so, I would pick Accounting and Economics. Just wondering how difficult the economics major gets in second and third year? Also do I have to pick at least one major out of...
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    UTS Business or Macquarie Prof. Accounting

    There is actually a difference in going to UTS than UWS... Big 4 does know that entry into uts would be more difficult and the university you went to is usually taken into consideration especially for business degrees.. To answer the question, in terms of prestige and whatever both are in the...
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    What is the future of Pharmacy?

    should of included the honours bit in original post, seeing as you have to get high marks to actually get into honours.. and economics is flooded lol...
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    How do I decide on Uni/Course?

    Well firstly look into degrees you have an interest in. If you loved maths in high school, go for engineering or if your really into reading/writing essays consider law? Then consider difficulty of degree and whether you can handle it or not, ask students studying it and do some research. Far...
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    How to go about completing Psychology units in a Bachelor of Arts at USyd?

    I think it would be it better to get into a plain bachelor of science and major in psych. But as said above, don't be too gutted if you don't get into B Psych because people in that degree don't get any advantage they still need to get distinctions like you to get into honours.
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    UTS new building

    finally everyone else will shut up about our stupid ugly building
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    Top 5 favourite shows and movies

    TV shows 1. REVENGE 2. Girls 3. Shameless (US) 4. Awkward 5. Glee (don't judge haha)