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  1. M.T.T.

    Romanticism, people!

    The concept of "imagination" hardly comes up in my notes on Romanticism. Fuck the essay question. Creative question was a lot better.
  2. M.T.T.

    Emily Dickinson

    Oh, that reminds me. Some people at my school thought they could only do the poem associated with the number given on the school ID card. (My school number was the same as the one of the numbers next to the Dickinson poems) Not sure if they actually stuck to the one poem but it was hilarious...
  3. M.T.T.

    Emily Dickinson

    'This is my letter to the world' 'I had been hungry all the years' 'A narrow fellow in the grass' Connecting it to the question made me adopt a new thesis, I'm hoping I did it well. >.< Oh, and getting my answer booklets sorted out after the exam finished (student no. and all those details)...
  4. M.T.T.

    Masturbating before exams.

    This epic thread got referenced in today's SMH, although they censored it a bit.
  5. M.T.T.

    Best Ever Fight Scene

    Pineapple Express.
  6. M.T.T.

    Why is Science Fiction stereotyped as poor so often?

    Doctor Who, anyone?
  7. M.T.T.

    Romanticism - Conventions, Values, Paradigms. A study list :)

    The problem here, in this thread, is trying to define what makes a Romantic composition. It is impossible. Just keep it simple, kids.
  8. M.T.T.

    Quick Questions [URGENT]

    This thread delivers.
  9. M.T.T.

    What is your all time favourite book?

    Nope. Gulliver's Travels is heralded as the first true science fiction novel.
  10. M.T.T.

    What is your all time favourite book?

    You didn't realise it the first time round? Anyways, my all-time favourite book would have to be Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment. The ideas within the book are incredibly resonant within me, and the book is dense with many themes and concepts, making it a novel for the intellectuals, like...
  11. M.T.T.

    Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

    I still think it's a horrible spell to be used in the film. It reminds me too much of the TV series Lost. Whenever the spell is used, it creates this effect where it displaces the identity of the Wizard using the spell. Hard to explain, but it's quite bizarre and awful.
  12. M.T.T.

    Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

    The Death Eaters turning into ghosts was irksome. It destroys the humanity of the characters, as it goes from Bellatrix to a fucking cloud. Made the climax of the 5th movie and the intro to the 6th movie outright deplorable. It also creates a massive plot hole. My biggest gripe so far with...
  13. M.T.T.

    Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

  14. M.T.T.

    Hunry Jacks Ultimate Double Whopper

    lol... How about... this Thursday arvo? Or Friday. Maybe Saturday, not Sunday.
  15. M.T.T.

    Hunry Jacks Ultimate Double Whopper

    Bro, I'll shout you an Ultimate Double Whopper one day. You're gonna love it. Then you're gonna have to pay me back.
  16. M.T.T.

    Which subject is more "prestigious" - English Extension 2 or Mathematics Extension 2?

    Re: Which subject is more "prestigious" - English Extension 2 or Mathematics Extensio As a person who had to choose between MX2 and EX2, I chose EX2 because I preferred the ability of creative expression in literature over the rigid and conformist nature of mathematics. I still do MX1, and...
  17. M.T.T.

    Greatest Satirist

    Austen. Northanger Abbey is brilliant satire. Takes a couple of reads to realize, but the social satire, the literary satire, it's so well done and despite the time differences, it's really quite funny.
  18. M.T.T.

    triple j hottest 100 of all time

    I'm thinking: -Cars, Gary Numan -Paranoid Android, Radiohead -London Calling, The Clash -Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana -Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd -Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin -Subterranean Homesick Blues, Bob Dylan -The End, The Doors Not sure what else to vote for. :S
  19. M.T.T.


    How much was the ticket? I'm asking, cause my friends happened to walk past the concert and then decided to sneak in. They were successful, and came back with wonderful tales - of how it was not spectacular at all. Oh, well. So, how much was it?