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    Carrotsticks' 2014 Extension 1 HSC Solutions

    hey carrot, sorry if you've already answered this but for parametric pt (iii) if you found QS=OS=a, is it justification enough to say Q is a variable point on fixed circle with centre S(0,a) and radius of a?
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    E4 raw mark??

    here's hoping!! :)
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    E4 raw mark??

    think i lost about 10 marks :santa: what would raw mark of 60/61 equate to?
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    for locus of Q, is it ok to have worked out QS and OS as radii (which both ending up equal to a) and said it was part of a fixed circle through Q and O with centre S(0,a)? or did you have to use the slope of OQ?