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    Sacred Writings & Text

    Did ethical justification and talked about the crusades and juwish sabbath laws. I liked this exam question though I loved the one for the catholic trials better. Spoke bout ten commandments and evil in J.
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    Section I - 1 & 2 Unit

    I didn't like the way the placed the marks. As in 1 for the first and 15 for the last. That doesn't leave a lot of bulling yet over all I loved the exam. Maybe it was cause it's my last one and I'm getting a massage tomorrow YEAH.
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    2unit-wat mark do u think u'll get??

    80% and 90% But I stuffed up one of the 15 mark questions so I think that would have stuffed my up big time.
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    initiatives-wat did people put??

    I put in bush brothers and flying doctor... Thats all I remember I just know that I bulled for the rest of it hard.
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    What an easy exam

    Well I loved that exam. I'm so glad that I go to a catholic school The last two essays that you have the write were basically the same in the catholic tials. As well as the human rights was the same in the trials. It's been like that for a lot of the exams. Most of the questions were the same as...
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    What The Fuck Was Crime??

    If you lot watched law and order you would have aced crime. That was my easiest section I wrote like 11 pages for that. I didn't use any factual cases I made mine up but they would never know. If only all my sections could have been as good as this one. Heheh I bitched for few lines that the...
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    Section 1 wtf!!!!!

    I liked that exam for some stupid reason. Maybe the fact that it went only for 1.5 hours. Most of it was waffle but it was good waffle. I'm just glad that my prac mark will make my mark a tiny bit better.
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    Hate tha Government

    Why doesn't UWS start to look at its own funding and where all the money is going. If they just made the courses on the same campus and not on 3 of the campus' then some of the problem would go away. The uais can increase depending on the number of people who want in on that degree also can...
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    STAT/RET Results?

    Ha I didn't even know that we get them back.
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    Pysch @ UWS

    It's great. Yet I recomand that you do something the likes of a bac of arts maj in psychology or a bac of social science maj in psych. The bac of arts you get more choices. The bac of psyc is science based you do a lot of sciences its mainly for researches (psychologists that don't have people...