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    Share your 2017 HSC results here

    Congratulations everyone :) goodluck with the atar tomorrow Ancient history - 91 PDHPE - 88 Modern history - 85 English adv - 83 Biology - 82 I’ll be that person that gets 89.95 or something and miss out on that 90LOL
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    Can I get an atar over 90 with this?

    Hi guys, been really worried about what my atar will be because i’m really praying to get into my Course which requires a minimum of 90. Would love to know your opinion. Would mean a lot. My school was ranked 121 for hsc results in 2016 My results: Average mark/rank Ancient:95...
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    Exam Thoughts

    Pompeii very difficult multiple choice had to make a lost of educated guesses. Minoan and Hatshepsut section was really good and straight forward. Anyone do New Kingdom Egypt? Very difficult questions basically from the same dot point but different versions. Hope you guys did well and were...
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    PDHPE 2017 Exam thoughts

    What did you guys put for the multiple choice questions? Especially the massed practice one and the one about the 5 action areas of the Ottawa charter
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    Modern History 2017 HSC exam thoughts

    I chose A) inform of the German u boat strategy B) successful allied counterattack C) German tactics becoming less effective D) differing aims E) Wilson The first one I originally put to encourage men to join the war but I felt like it wasn't really asking people to join and there are...