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    Bachelor of International and Global Studies Transfer GPA or WAM?

    What sort of GPA or WAM would someone need to transfer to the BIGS degree at USyd?
  2. J

    French at Macquarie

    Hi, I'm interested in taking a French unit this semester and had some questions for people who have studied it at Macquarie. I did French up until year 10 in high school but I actually remember very little from it, what is the assumed knowledge for the 100 level units like FRN122 (Introductory...
  3. J


    Haha. Thanks for the response.
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    What did people think of this unit? I've heard it's incredibly tough, could anyone elaborate?
  5. J

    Latest date to apply for external transfer?

    I understand that external transfers are done through UAC. Does this mean that applications close by late september? Whether I transfer depends on the marks I get by the end of the semester (if I do well I'll stay at my current university and transfer to law and if I don't get that D average...
  6. J

    Would you recommend AHIS100?

    Thanks. I'm hoping for some enlightening subjects where you really feel as though you've learnt something by the end of the semester. AHIS100 seems content heavy but also rich and detailed. However, I have a few more questions. Would it be possible for you to explain the exam questions which...
  7. J

    Would you recommend AHIS100?

    What did people think of it? I didn't study Ancient History in high school so I am concerned that it may be too difficult. I would like to broaden my knowledge and engage in classical studies.
  8. J

    Is it better to do a BA at Sydney or a more specific degree at a lesser university...

    I am considering transferring to Sydney to do a BA, leaving my media degree at a lesser university. What would you recommend? Would you recommend going to a better university but with a BA degree or doing a degree with a higher ATAR at a lower ranking university?
  9. J

    Share your 2012 HSC results here

    87.25 estimate, very happy with that.
  10. J

    Multiple Choice

    Regarding 19, if you ratify an international document you sign it. If you enact it you make it relevant to domestic legislation.
  11. J

    Multiple Choice

    19 is B
  12. J

    Whats the maximum mark you can "without" a case study.

    Do you only use 1 case study? I wrote about 4 or 5.
  13. J

    Section I - Multiple Choice

    20 was a bit of a stab in the dark, went with C 14 (A) was a bit of an issue as was 4 (B), 6 (D) and 8 (A)
  14. J

    Section I - Multiple Choice

    i thought fixed costs would affect net profit but not gross profit
  15. J

    Section II - Short Answer

    Standardisation = cheap, less risk but likely lower revenue than customisation Customisation = expensive but more effective in appealing to market
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    Section II - Short Answer

    Implementing CSR is expensive and managers may not see any financial incentives as a result of introducing them. Short answer was ridiculously easy. I had to keep checking the ratios question because I thought I was missing something. 2.5:1, 1:1. Standardisation and customisation is straight...
  17. J

    Section II - Short Answer

    For downsizing strategies, I said change agents and rewards
  18. J

    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    It was very easy I think they went easy on us because we were disadvantaged by having a new syllabus
  19. J

    Section II

    Was the interest rate question 12%?