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    Equiliberium and Concentration question

    I see, well then... Touche young sir, touche. Ahhh well 4/6 :3
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    Equiliberium and Concentration question

    It was endothermic going from CO + Cl2 -> COCl2 (P.s. its akin :3)
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    Equiliberium and Concentration question

    I disagree, considering that all of the substances in equilibrium are a gas. All of them are at the have the same amount of moles in the space and the same amount of volume (1:1:1 ratio + STP) as a result the pressure should decrease them all by the SAME amount. The only thing that explains a...
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    Industrial Chem

    Shuddup Chris :P (P.s. Its akin)
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    Galvanic Cell

    God im so noob, from previous question i put that salt brindge should be KOH :(. EPIC FAIL.
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    Equiliberium and Concentration question

    Yeah i agree, wouldnt a decrease in pressure result in all substances being reduced by an EQUAL amount? because all gases are 24.79L in STP and each gas CO, Cl2 and COCl2 were all the same amount of moles (1:1:1 ratio) .'. they would all decrease the same amount, what the question was saying was...
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    Equiliberium and Concentration question

    Im pretty sure the first change was DECREASE in temperature, because the production of COCl2 NEEDED energy, taken from the environment around it, thus energy is released back into the surroundings the opposite way, creation on CO and Cl2. Thats the way i saw it anyways.
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    Bread Question

    I think i got 3.6% or something. I cant remember how though.
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    Equiliberium and Concentration question

    1. Temp Decrease 2. Removal of CO 3. Dilution of entire system
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    Anyone else do biochem today, WTF was with that question with the red dye, the Quinone or whatever. Seriously wow.... Also 7/7 for last question lol :3
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    how do you find an unknown cation???

    Sorry bro, not meaning to be a dick, but I highly doubt that your gonna get a response this close to the exam. Its pretty much jeopardising a couple marks that you might beat someone with. Unless its someone that's already completed there HSC.
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    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    I found it REALLY easy, probably because i didnt have ancient to worry about like others, as well as doing 7 trial papers the weekend before :3 I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a band five, and 80% sure i'll get a band six, so hopefully :D
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    Last Question of the Paper (inc soln.)

    I'd assume so, because 1 mark goes to sample space, probably 2 to proving that he was right, and the 4th in stating if he was right or not. Because thats what the question asked.
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    Whats it like....

    ITT: Sluts.
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    Last Question of the Paper (inc soln.)

    Yeah, thats the thing with question 28, in all the general maths papers, its an application of something you learnt, but in a way you didn't learn the concept to be used. In the 2008 paper it was with simpson's rule so eh.. whaddya gonna do... its over now anyways
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    Last Question of the Paper (inc soln.)

    Mmmm, I see where your coming from, and it makes sense too, I might have made a mistake, but thats just 1 mark :3
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    Game Name Game

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    Last Question of the Paper (inc soln.)

    yeah i see what you did, you used all 36 different combinations as opposed to the 21 unique ones that i did, that's the only difference. But rolling 2,1 is the same as 1,2 in this case because if they were considered to be seperate cases then there would be differences of -1, -2, -3, -4, -5...
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    Best way to revise for Chemistry?

    No point summarising with 4 days left, may as well just do past papers and look in a textbook for things you dont know, then summarise the stuff that you DONT know from the exam, so you remember it. Also dont forget your synthetic biopolymer :3
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    Whats it like....

    Sup guys and girls I've always ALWAYS wondered what it would be like going down on a girl, its just something I thought would be like, crazy. So guys describe your first experience with it, chicks, explain how it felt.