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    UAC Offers 2011 - Downloadable [now with the Early February Round!]

    Re: UAC Offers 2011 - Downloadable Is there a searchable list for early feb round offers?
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    MBBS at USYD

    Didn't USYD call you a couple of days after your interview?
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    All Rounders List

    Woo! Got my medal and award. It looks nice but isn't engraved with my name =(
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    raw marks

    I live near Liverpool so Western sydney =) Maybe because I went to the city to hand in my application and paid cash (but then I had to send a cheque later on anyway since I didn't pay enough the first time around)
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    raw marks

    I did 14 units too. But I only requested exam responses for 12 units. Also, it was delivered by normal mail. The postman knocked on my door to give it to me as it was simply too big for my letter box.
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    raw marks

    I applied on the 13th too. I don't know why mine was done so fast either...
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    raw marks

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=91A1LYFM My raw marks for 2010 HSC. I did Eng Adv, Ext 1 and 2 Maths, Bio, Chem and Physics. The file will be deleted in one week (just before UAC main round offers). I have removed my name and student number for privacy. Notes explaining the different columns...
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    Can someone please explain very carefully and not too long.

    http://www.uac.edu.au/documents/atar/2010_HSC_Table%20A1.pdf The last column is of interest. Note that most courses have a max atar of 99+ This means that it is possible to do "low scaling" subjects and still get a very good ATAR. As long as you love doing it, and apply yourself to it.
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    Raw Marks Application Form (Pro-forma)

    Got my package today. They rejected my request for the band cutoffs though. I asked them to put it on a CD as well so I might zip it up all up and post it somewhere.
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    Raw Marks Application Form (Pro-forma)

    What =\ Your application got denied? Or is this a preemptive plan?
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    Raw Marks Application Form (Pro-forma)

    Hey guys, Just got an official letter scanned and attached by email sent to me telling me my application is invalid due to me only paying $15 for the GIPA application. So just an advance warning for others, please pay the full $30 for your application. There is no discount on this application...
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    Raw Marks Application Form (Pro-forma)

    Discount of 50% only applies to processing charges and not the initial application fee of $15.
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    Raw Marks Application Form (Pro-forma)

    I talked to the Information Commisioner's office and tehy said by law they can request $30 and that the website isn't binding? They say I can negotiate. I'm going to ring the GIPA guy back at BOS. His name is Steven Parkes it seems.
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    Raw Marks Application Form (Pro-forma)

    I am a child. My licence even gives my 18th birthday to be next year. This isn't being disputed. The GIPA guy at BOS just told me that the website was incorrect and wants me to come in and pay the extra $15. What do I do?
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    Raw Marks Application Form (Pro-forma)

    Just got a call from BOS to let me know that I need to pay another $15 as there is not discount on the application fee of $30. Bummer. Here's to another trip to the city...
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    How do we request raw marks?

    Just went to BOS office in the city today to lodge my GIPA form. They asked to take a copy of drivers licence and I paid $15 as I'm a child. Now to play the waiting game. They'd better accept my application!
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    Raw Marks Application Form (Pro-forma)

    This is unfortunately incorrect. The 50% discount only applies to the processing fees (the extra $30 per hour after the initial free 20 hours). The application fee of $30 has no discount and must be paid in full when the application is lodged. edit: i'm sorry, I think I've made a mistake. It...
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    HSC Timetable 2010

    I don't know if this is possible, but what happens if a person has two exams at the same time?
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    Dot point help

    The Biology in Focus textbook has stuff on this. It has a table that has all the info you need. You're mainly looking at the pulse oximeter and arterial blood gas sampling. Pulse oximeter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Arterial blood gas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Endoscope images

    LOL tommy. do your own work (; maybe ask a doctor haha