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    Where the hell is room O_CS2 and O_CSR??????

    Lol just found these weird room no's after enrolling. So where is room O_CS2 and O_CSR?????? Anyone???? Cheers!
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    Bachelor of Communication(Journalism)

    I like it, it's fun. 1st year subjects are a bit drab but you get to move into more interesting things in 2nd & 3rd year. It's not really hard, you just have to do your work and try getting industry experience.
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    Anbody got UAI of 90+ with low scaled subjects?e.g gen maths

    I did a couple of lower scaled subjects (business st & general maths) and I got 96.95. I think the low-scaling subjects stigma is a bit hyped up.
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    It's a long, hard wait........

    The End is Nigh... Ughhhh I just have this bad feeling that when I get my results, it will be in a letter-form saying "You suck. Report to BOS headquarters for elimination." :confused:
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    Module B - Creative Writing

    Um I did a speech basically arguing against the local:good, global:bad thing, as I think that is now the majority's way of thinking. I screwed up, didn't I? It's okay, be honest, I already found out I've stuffed every other exam - I can take another one.
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    French Beginners

    The letter - Q6 I think it was, everyone in our class (grand total of 3) did that too I think...how bout u? It was pretty good with no nasty surprises - like the practice paper where you had to write about breaking your leg....
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    Blue Sheet/form

    I'm sure its not too big a deal - plenty of people would have forgotten, especially in the earlier exams. Maybe they'll send u a letter to confirm u were there or maybe you could ring up the board???
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    French Beginners

    :D That Rocked!
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    Post Exam Anxiety

    Ughhh the worst is those bloody exam-reflection forums...I'm banning myself from them, it sux when you think you did well then have 20 ppl point out which ones u got wrong..... :(. Oh well....I'm going to the pub :)
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    just wondering, what's your uai goal range & course preference?

    I want whatever UAI will be needed for law/communication at Newcastle - 2004 cut-off was 92.15 :mad: . I'm so not going to get that. I'll be happy with 85+. Who else is deferring?
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    Multiple choice Q15

    I put D coz it said crossing over between homologous chromosomes, and I thought they were identical, so if they swap over bits, it wouldn't be any different gentically?????? :confused:
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    Multiple choice Q15

    I stuffed it methinks.
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    Omg Omg Omg Omg

    There is no god. Oh wait, I already knew that...but that genetics topic just proved it.
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    Section III and Section IV - How much did you write?

    It's over.... Q26 - 14 pages Q 28 - 12 pages Did anyone do Q 27? I looked at it and kinda went "arghhh!" and it appears everyone did the same....? Neeeaarrrrrllllllyyyyyy ran out of time for the extended response because I thought there was so much to cover in Q26 (3 topics). :(
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    Question 2

    Lol mine was a pre-prepared one I wrote yesterday about a guy who hates his life and job and resents his wife and daughter then wakes up and suddenly has his dream job and house but his family don't exist, he freaks out and then wakes up again to realise he really crashed his car on the way to...
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    Wait a year or straight on to Uni after HSC?

    Takin' the year off I'm doing the HSC this year & next year I'm going to France for a year on exchange. This is a good option for me coz u actually go to school and meet ppl your own age (and actually DO stuff, not bum around) and also there isn't the pressure to get marks. Also, I leave in...
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    Combined Degree??

    why I want to punch newcastle uni in the face So pissed off. Sorry to dampen your spirits but in 2005 they're cutting generic combined degrees. You can't combine communication with anything. So shithouse. I wanted to do business/communication but life sux and so do they. Oh and arts/commerce is...
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    What do I doooooooo.....

    Mmm well I am planning on doing Arts and Journalism at uni, so I don't really need maths, and I do work in my free periods, what I think I'll do it keep it for half the term + work hard at it, if nothing improves, then I'll drop it. Does anyone know for sure about English tho, whether only 2...
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    What do I doooooooo.....

    Umm....well I'm getting 89-95 in all my other subjects, 75-85 in maths
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    What do I doooooooo.....

    Okkkkayyyyyys I'm Yr 12 2004 & I currently have 12 units, and I'm thinking about dropping general maths bcoz it's has the lowest scaling of all my subjects and its my weakest subject coz I don't listen or concentrate in class coz its too easy...if that makes sense.......should I drop it or not...