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    how did you go?

    it wasnt the easiest exam ever so stop stressing. you did it didnt you, you should be proud for that.
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    How use all go for RE

    ok it was easy enough. i finished at 3 but i wish they had of asked for 2 religious traditions instead of one in the last question would have been better. anyway not long to go. thank god its over!! :uhhuh:
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    how did you go?

    Come On ok shaunsmith no offence but i wouldnt be too confident....it always ends up in tragic. but then u might do well. anyway the test was ok...i finished early but that could be a bad thing. all i hope for is a pass i dont care about the mark, all i care about is that it says i passed!!
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    Okay. Confess, who else HATED this exam?

    thank god its over well i thought the it was crap. i mean do the BOS people just wake up in the morning and say 'i think i will make the HSC as hard as i can' seriously they really need to look at what their doing!! and then they have the cheek to tell us 'dont stress'
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    Answers to General Paper

    Omg well lets just say i failed that exam and i even studied for it. im so bad at maths im just glad its over!!
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    Is there anyone using Lego and Robolab for their automated manufacturing system project? :apig:
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    How is you major work going?

    mine is hard to do and i have so much to actually do!!
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    case studies

    well we have done stelarc and shirin neshat and we are doing christo, andy golsworthy and robert smittson
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    Does ranking affect your hsc/uai marks

    hey. well i totally dont get how they do it. like if someone in my class got way below average and i got good marks...would i be scaled down to suit them? its totally weird over here.
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    Wind in the willows

    we did wind in the williows for imaginative. you could say that Rat is a represention of a conservative person,and in some ways contemptous. Toad is a caricature of a character who is larger than life. dont know if that has helped!
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    is anyone doing history and memory??

    hey i did the fifthieth gate. i have a few notes about it. do u want them?
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    Is anyone doing Yeats for Mod B?

    yeats as in W.B.Yeats?
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    Creative Arts/ Law anyone? info/interest

    Hey. My friend has just started in UOW and she loves it!! anyway i want to get my degree to teach art in highschool. do they do that course in UOW? :apig: