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    Uts vs unsw pre-med

    Sorry for not being clear. I meant go for UNSW since they offer an additional pathway into medicine. Would be silly to rely on Lateral Entry as the only option to gain entry to medical school.
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    Uts vs unsw pre-med

    This isn't even a contest. Go with UNSW since they offer a pathway directly into their medical program.
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    ATAR and WAM

    Depends on your UMAT score. To maintain an ATAR of ~98 you'll need mostly HDs. For an ATAR well into the 99s you'll need over a 90+ WAM.
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    Does medicine require UMAT?

    Are you being serious?
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    Best major in Advanced Science for Med?

    Generally there aren't any majors that will best prepare you for GAMSAT, best you do a range of introductory/intermediate courses in organic/inorganic, introductory physics, intro/intermediate biochemistry/molecular biology/physiology. Useful majors for med school would be anatomy, pathology...
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    2016 UNSW Interview Offers

    As mentioned previously, I would hope that appearance won't contribute at all but why risk it? No point arguing online about it when this is your future you're playing with. Just suit up, wear everything except for the suit jacket itself.
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    Medicine Interviews 2015/16

    Easily get an interview at all three.
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    Not likely to get an interview anywhere. You can always try at JCU (no UMAT) or get a 99.5+ atar for GU.
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    Question about pathways to medicine

    Most Graduate medical programs don't care what degree you did for undergraduate (you can do Arts if you wanted to), excluding Monash university. So do whatever degree you want and then apply for Grad medicine. If you are considering BForensics, you may also want to take a look into UNSW's...
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    help! Worth applying to anywhere?

    Doesn't look too good, can always consider Bond or JCU. Otherwise, best start looking into graduate programs.
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    What do you reckon my chances are?

    Definitely should apply but don't get your hopes up. You really needed closer to 100 percentile to get an interview with your current GPA and ATAR.
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    Radiology at UNSW

    UNSW doesn't offer radiography or any other medical imaging degrees. You'll need to consider USYD.
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    Can't attend unsw open day but i need some answers

    1. Extra year of compulsory research (optional at UWS) 2. UNSW offers hospital experience in first year as well 3. No, most Graduate Medical Programs have no degree pre-reqs (except Monash) 4. 2 years medical science (still get hospital every 2nd week and get clinical/communication tutorials), 1...
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    Studying medicine

    I believe UWS's 3rd year (i.e. first year of clinical) students get attached to a team. Whereas we just wander around the hospital with no structure and doing whatever we please. Guess depends on the individual, but I would prefer being attached to a team. Possibly UWS cut out the year of...
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    Studying medicine

    Probably because it's closer to the city and perceived prestige factor. I don't think there's a difference between facilities, if anything, UWS is a newer university and I heard they're getting a new medical campus or facilities? I've heard UWS's program is based on the UG UniMelb...
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    Honours years

    At UNSW, I have friends in science who have deferred Honours for a year. Shouldn't be a problem but best to contact the faculty.
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    Medical question

    Well with just anatomy, you memorise names of anything in the body, their relationship/position to each other, nerve and blood supply, how nerves and vessels travel, where do muscles attach and what actions are they responsible for, you learn about how the brain is split into different parts and...
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    Medical question

    Not sure about the comparison between universities but at UNSW we do not cover just introductory anatomy. We cover almost everything you'd learn in an anatomy major, probably around like 85% of it. With regards to the names, you would need to know the anatomical names (since it's the only...
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    Medicine course in USYD

    Profile? As in a portfolio? Really, it doesn't matter - interviews are about your communication skills. But if you are keen to get some experience, go volunteer for over 6 months (St vinnies de paul, St John's, etc). Get into a team sport, and work experience is good as well. Work is not limited...
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    Med at different unis and transferring

    Oh okay - I've actually always wondered. Is this for UAC only? Because for QTAC, a GPA of 7 is only worth an ATAR of 99.