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    Actual Error in Question 23 Algorith

    xxx... are u suggesting u like me??? well i bet i have like way more friends than u do on myspace and thats all that matters
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    Question 22 (e) Was Faulty

    yay for people who didnt get that question done yay me
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    Actual Error in Question 23 Algorith

    im not stupid just because im not perfect like you do you even know what a band 6 is? i bet u think its like 50 out of 100 ur the stupid one
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    What do you think you got raw

    ohhhh my god no way u are kidding the test was like full of mistakes some guy just said there is no way you will get 99 u are dreaming have fun with ur asterix UAI
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    Actual Error in Question 23 Algorith

    yeh i didnt even start my option or get my mulitble choice done caus i was stuck on that.... i used 3 booklets just on that little bit writing it out over and over :s i want my marks back know that i know it was wrong i thought i was just stupid i know i should have moved on but i couldnt i...
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    what degree would you do if you got 100 uai

    if i got 100 uai id do a B of learning to get a life =)
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    Need advice/tips/help - 2 exams in one day

    i got the same 2 exams haha sucks hey ohh well its just one less day we have to go in =) haha ill probably study more for bio caus ipt is pretty easy dunno what ill do inbetween though.. see how i feel on the day